This Is So Frustrating

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Lin - February 14

Wow, k-mo-k-zee, that's awesome! OF COURSE my comments were certainly NOT directed at you. You have to admit, you are very, very far from the average person. You've done more in that short life of yours than most do in a lifetime. As I've explained a quadrillion times on this thread, my comments were with respect to the average person, and most people certainly haven't done anywhere near that much - even by the age of 25. Good luck ttc!


Lin - February 14

Actually, after having just taken a quick look back at the thread for the first time, I admit that my first under 25-year old statement I made does contain an absolute (nobody), so I guess I can see in restrospect a bit of the confusion wrt my intentions, but I a__sure you all it was meant as referring to the average person and not everyone. I never once backpeddled, as Linds has claimed. I'm sorry about all the confusion!


teacherwoman - February 19

Hi - WOW! Heated discussion! Just wanted to say that I can see where Lin is coming from, but also this - I am 23, have a college degree and am a teacher. I have traveled to 8 different countries (more than some people in a lifetime!), seen the Tour de France, and explored some of the U.S. I've been married for two years, my husband is 25 and is a software engineer. We feel we are ready to have a child. I want to travel more, but I want to do it with my children so they can experience the world as well. Everyone is different. I think the most important thing is not age, but the ability to love and support a child and the desire to give a child everything he or she needs.


Lin - February 19

Well said, teacherwoman. My point was only ever that one of those things that the children need is an awareness of the broader world. It's certainly possible for a parent to have that awareness at any age, but it's most common after college age (i.e. 25-ish +/- a few years). I'm certainly going to encourage my children to at least take a year abroad when they're in college.


michelle - February 20

Hello, i came across this posting and read the majority of it and i myself is 23 yrs old and I have been married for 4 years. Got married when i was 19. Then i knew i wasn't ready for a baby. Now I am ready. I can't see how people can judge one another as everybody is different. some people mature young and some don't. I know that my dh (26) and I are ready has we have talked about it and making sure this is something we both want because we both come from divorced families. We both agreed that when we have children that we would make sure things would work out and if not we would work through them as we don't want to put our children through the same thing we had to go through when we were younger. We are ttc#1. I just think that the older women on here shouldn't put down the women in their 20's. I would say if they were still teens yeah then it is something to talk/argue about. Just thought I would vent on how I felt about the situation. And remember different generations do think differently on their point of views.


Lin - February 20

Michelle, what is it that you think is so different about teens?



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