This Is What I Found About The Blue Veins On Your Breast

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kaitlin - February 16

I think this is only if your on birth control. The veins are most likely due to the br___t enlargement that you got with the pills. Anytime an organ system or tissue enlarges, more arterial and venous blood supply is formed. Some women just show it more than others. Your br___ts must be sensitive to the estrogen in the pills. This is more common in women under 20 but can happen any age. This is of no concern unless the increase in br___t size bothers you. You are on a low dose pill but a different formulation might help. If you try a different formulation, I would suggest one that has a higher progestin potency, e.g., Demulen®, because the progestin may counteract the estrogen's effect on enlarging the br___t. There is no scientific evidence that I know of that this will work, but it shouldn't make things worse


Lauren - February 16

What are the other causes to veins in your b___sts? I'm not on the pill or using any other form of birth control, and I haven't put any weight on which would increase their size. Can you have them anyway, even without being pregnant?


La Rae - February 16

Well, I've been off the pill for a year and a half and I haven't been pg for 13 years (what you mentioned on the other thread about previous pregnancies) So could me being pg now be the only reason I have an increase in montgomery glands AND the start of blue veins? Thanks....


MandyD - February 16

I have been off BC since July, and have only in the last month started noticing the blue veins becoming more visible. I doubt it's something attributed to being on BC.


Sam - February 16

I have never been on BC and i have blue veins on my chest!


MandyD - February 16

Sam-Are you ttc?


lisa - May 1

I have blue veins, never been on bc, they seem to be there all the time, and getting more blue and more of them going to my nipples


BJM - May 14

i've been on birthcontol for 3yrs.and never had any b___st enlarging or loss unless i lost or gained weight



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