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20 Questions - May 19

Ok I was wondering what happens to the sperm when your cervix is not open for it to go anywhere? Just wondering because I BD the other night and I figured that after going pee a few times it would have come out but when I did a cp/cm check I had this little blob of white thick cream and I am wondering if it was the sperm waiting around or what it was. I was only on CD9 so I know it could not be ewcm since I aveerage around 17 to 24 day for ovulating. I have irregular cycles. So do you think it was just the sperm or what does happen to them when cervix is not open for them to go swim on up to the egg? Silly question I know I do not recall seeing this asked before. If it has sorry to bring it up again.


20 Questions - May 20



Grandpa Viv - May 21

Peeing does not wash out sperm in the v____a , though I suppose the muscular contractions involved might squeeze some out. Google - crypts cervix sperm - to get hits on how the sperm actually do get into the cervix and find hidey places in which to wait it out. Of course, a finger check will reveal that many did not make it that far. It's the ones that did that count. Good luck!


20 Questions - May 22

Thank You Granpa Viv but what happens to them if they do not make it in the cervix.? Do they just die and come out with the urine? I will Check out the google serch. So do you think the stuff I did get on my finger was the sperm from the evening before? I did a check like in the afternoon the day after so I would have thought even though I was not O'ing they would have left since the cervix was closed. Thank You so much for your response since no one could answer me.


20 Questions - May 26

Ok how about this then for a Dumb ?. If you do not pee out the sperm then what is all that ick that is there after hours of BDing when going bathroom...Is it the sperm not getting where it needs to and just coming right back out...Also Where does the female c_m come from? I was thinking it could not be from the cervix if it is closed majority of the time.


ashleyd - May 26

your urethra is a seperate thing thats not really apart of your v____a... it's just barely into it...small little you don't pee s____n out... as far as female ejaculation, that comes from the urethra...female discharge (like when you're turned on) comes from glands in the v____a... near the opening. the sperm that don't make it will come out when you wipe...and when you have discharge.


Grandpa Viv - May 26

Google - Bartholin glands - to read about one of the places female moisture comes from. I believe the walls of the v____a are capable of producing moisture too. There are accounts of women who produce so much fluid at orgasm that this has been referrred to as female ejaculation, with speculation that this comes from the urethra. May be some of the ladies here can add some comments on the subject.


ashleyd - May 26

I personally have never experienced the whole "female ejaculation" thing, but I've heard it's



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