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tiki - January 30

here and dh bd yesterday and both noticed alot of "cm" down there! my hubby even said that he never noticed that much before! I wonder is this a sign of possible pregnancy? i really don't want to be one of those ladies that think ever little sign is a sign, but could it be? I know that i should just wait for (NO) AF on Feb 9th but it would help if anyone knows anything about this/// THANKS


tiki - January 30



Meg - January 30

Could it be late o'ing? Do you know if you have already o'd this cycle? That would be my guess...i think it is too early to have "signs" of pregnancy if you are due for no af on the 9th....good luck!!!


krc - January 30

you really dont get any signs your pregnant until you've been pregnant atleast 4 weeks ! Usually that early all you notice is your period is gone but you still have mild cramps ( maybe ) when you should get your period. That is because usually you ovulate in the middle of your cycle. Then if you conceive implantation takes place 2 weeks after that...when you should get your period. Hormones aren't affecting your body really until after implantation. So it is too early to tell.


Grandpa Viv - January 30

You were in theory 4dpo last night, too early in my book to be having signs. However, it is possible you could have O'd several days early, and 7dpo is not too early. A clear or creamy discharge is a sign, often referred to here as "lotion discharge' or "wet down there". This is a new experience for you, so something might be afoot. Occasionally we hear from women whose discharge is continuous from O forward, though this defies explanation. Look for other signs in the days to come, and keep in mind that a cyst can produce this and a number of other preg symptoms. Good luck!


Deb - January 30

I think it is possible that you O'd later than you thought. That kind of cm sounds like ovulation cm.


lovebug - January 31

My dh husband states that I'm wet alot during s_x, this maybe tmi, but I need facts. Is cm and the statement "wet" a sign of pregnancy? ttc and just need to know. tested in December and haven't since. I got o the bathroom and wipe and have large amounts of cm and this has been for the last past two months...can someone help or answer?


Patti - January 31

Lovebug, you should take a pregnancy test if you haven't had a period in a month or two (not sure by your post.) Lots of cm is very common in pregnancy, but no one can be sure unless they test. Sounds promising, please let us know!



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