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sarahd - June 24

Hi ladies, I was reading a previous thread and realized there was a wish for a thread for us "young" ones out there ttc. I'm 23 years old, and this is my dh's and my first month ttc. I think I'm b/w 11-14 dpo. I have lots of pregnancy symptoms (sore br___ts, lots of nausea, fatigue, lots of cm, and a stuffy/runny nose), but I got a bfn when I tested today (I didn't use first morning urine though, which was probably silly of me). No sign of af yet, thank goodness. It's so hard to wait! I know everyone feels that way, it's nice to know there's other ppl in the same boat as me! I had af-like cramping on Monday but no bleeding, and I can't help but hope it was from implantation. But if so, why a bfn? Oh well, if I'm out this cycle then I'd rather af just show up so I can move on with hoping for next month! Anyway, hope to hear from some other young ppl (and anyone who's just young at heart of course! No exclusions here :) Here's hoping for some bfp's soon!


angela1986 - June 24

Im 20 and weve been ttc for about 4 months but just last month i started tracking my ovulation and what not. Im so nervous all the time. Last month i had a real short period for only 2 days. Then this month it came early and lasted 4 days. Typically its 5-6 so you see where im going. I tested 3 weeks ago and bfn. But i have nausea.sore b___st,fatigue. Lots of things but i was wondering...has your s_x drive increased at all? Im due to O next week so im hoping i already am or will be soon. Baby dust to you!


sarahd - June 24

Angela, was your period 'different' at all this last time? I.e. less heavy, only brown (no red)? If so, maybe you should test again just to be sure it wasn't just early pregnancy bleeding. Good to hear from another young person ttc! Have you told anyone you're trying? My dh and I haven't yet, we don't want the pressure in case it takes a while - all the other women in my family got pregnant the first month trying, which is a lot to live up to!


LN030905 - June 24

Hey ladies! Im 21 from IL and I stopped taking my birth control in Jan..had weird cycles...first was 28 (which is normal before bc for me) 32, 38 and then 63 days long!!! I was soo stressed from ttc and just everything else that my husband and I decided to stop taking the vitamins, keeping track of my cycles and using ovulation strips and just throw it up to God!! So, thats what we are doing and I feel soo much better about everything! I have no idea even when I have or if I have ovulated yet. Thursday night I did get som very intense pain down in tha area..thinking maybe its ovulation, but im still sore down there from it and TMI hubby and I had s_x last night and everything felt alright but we did it again today and man, it was sore and now I feel like someone has justled around my insides! LOL! Im alright tho..LOL! Just whining!! But also, I just found out that my cousins gf is preg and they are getting married and Im jealous soo of course my mind is wondering to ttc again ! LO!L Im so glad this thread was started!!!


sarahd - June 24

Welcome LN! My husband and I got married when we were 20 - how about you? I think that if I'm not pregnant this month I'm going to start charting using the basal body temperature and see how that goes.


angela1986 - June 24

Well it was only 4 days long....and a little heavier than last month...i want to test again, but now im so close to O this month i think i might wait. And no we havent told anyone were ttc,we think the same way less pressure...but its great to have people knowing what im talking about


LN030905 - June 24

Well we got married in Sept of last, I was 20, too. Angela in April I had a period that last for 3 days but was sooo heavy the firt day I thought I was hemorroging (sp?) but it let up and quit completly on the 3rd day


LN030905 - June 24

Sarah, have u told ppl ur ttc yet? Angela, we havent told anyone either. This probably sounds silly, but Im sooo afraid my mom would kill me! LOL! Shes very young, too..she doesnt want to be a grandma!! LOL!


tryingtoo - June 24

hi ladies can I join? I am 21 been married for three years...we were on birth control for the first year and then stop using any kind of bc, thinking that we really wouldn't have to "TRY" to get pregnant that it would just happen. But that hasn't happend yet so we really just started to seriously try. my af is due around the symptoms as of yet, however I did have very very little spotting when I wiped (Sorry TMI) tonight, but that could just be AF on her way!! My prayers are with all of you ladies!


calimom - June 24

just had to pipe in and say being a young mom is the best, i became a mom at 23, and it was the best thing i ever did. don't let anyone tell you that you have any ambition because you want a baby, it takes more courage than anyone could ever understand. good luck to all of you.


LN030905 - June 24

Welcome trying too!! I didnt realize how hard it is to get pregnant!! I thought Id be prg by now for sure! Kinda burst my bubble...LOL! But anyways, thankful that I have this place! Thanks Calimom....most ppl on here try to talk us out of theres no one who could change my mind!!! Appreciate it!


sarahd - June 24

No, we haven't told anyone we're ttc. I'm pretty lucky, I think my family will (mostly) be happy for me - I've just started getting 'baby' hints from my mother-in-law. I've been married 4 years now so she's been pretty patient I guess. We'll be the first ones on that side to have one (hopefully!!) Thanks Calimom - I'm really excited about being a "young" mother. I have endometriosis, so I've been told that my best chances are to try to have all my kids before I'm 30. My husband is a carpenter and I graduate university in Dec (yay!). We're moving into our first real home on July 1st, so things are going pretty well for us. Baby dust to everyone! (And no af yet...yay)


ashleyd - June 25

Hey :) 21 here. Me and the fiance just got out BFP... As far as family goes, at this age it's still somewhat scary to break the news. I told my mother earlier today ('s 2am...just woke up from an extended mid day nap) and she took it so well, and was so excited...fiance's parents weren't even happy we moved in together before marriage, so there is a lot of drama with them already...but we are going to wait to tell them for a bit. Good luck to all of you :)


sarahd - June 25

Congrats Ashleyd! Your bfp gives me hope for all the rest of us waiting out here!! I hope everything works out for you with your fiance's mother - I expect to get a lot of flak from some of my friends, but I figure to hell with it! If I'm happy about it, eventually they'll get that and be happy for me (or if not, too bad for them!). I can understand that it would much harder with family though. Good luck!


dedaa - June 25

Hello ladies I am not ttc anymore I got my BFP two weeks ago or so just wanted to say I am 23 and this is going to be my third baby. It has been an amazing experience being a mother and the fact that I am young only adds to it I just look at it now when my oldest is 20 I will only be 37 so he still might think Im cool.LOL. I have two little boys so far had my first whhen I was 17 he is now 5 then my youngest I had when I was 22 and he is 7 1/2 months now.Sometimes I am a little scared about being so young and having three but it is worth every second to be a mom. well ladies goodluck hope you all get your BFP`s soon.


Clarissa23 - June 25

hey all i am also 23 and ttc#4, so i dont think being young parents is a bad thing...i am so glad i am doing this while i am young, dont know if id have the energy if i was in my 30s or 40s...good luck to all of us ttc


mrose - June 25

hello ladies...I am 21, and dh is 22, we have been ttc for 6 months now. However, I've been off any form of bc since a couple months before we got married, which was a little over two years ago, and still nothing. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in Feb, and was put on metformin, b/c I was also insulin resistant. Well, the metformin is helping with the sugar problem, but not the cycle problem. I have had cycles that were 89 days long, I haven't had AF start on her own in over a year. I'm doing one more cycle without anything other than provera and metformin, for my doctor to determine if I ovulate on my own, and then she'll put me on clomid, cd3-7. Is anyone else on clomid?



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