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thoughts - October 21

I need to speak with someone who understands. I have perfect menstrual cycles. The day me and my husband began ttconceive I have had many pregnancy symptoms. I have also been getting what could be my period but lighter and a bit shorter. Have had two positive urine tests. In between there I had a negative one. I don't think anyone believes I am pregnant and I can handle that but husband won't try anymore. If he believes I am not why won't he try? Why do I have pregnancy symptoms. And if I am not what could be wrong with me?


my opinion - October 21

if he doesn't want to try anymore, its likely he didn't want to try to begin, but just said he did not thinking it would happen. Men seem to not be open with how they feel, because they don't want to hurt you. Nothing is wrong with u likely, it just takes more time than others do. I am normal its my 5th month so maybe this month is my month, no af yet was due today. Fingers crossed. U need to sit down and get ur dh to open up and be understanding. :)


To thoughts - October 22

If you had 2 pos tests, and only one neg, you are pg, though you didn't say if the neg was inbetween the pos or not. The neg could have been from testing when your urine is less concentrated. I would go to your doc and let him know, chances are very high that you are. You only get a pos. (BFP) on a test if the HCG hormone is detected. The hormone is only there when you are pregnant. But it doesn't tell you how far along you are. As to your husband not wanting to try, men like s_x when they want it, they don't like feeing like a machine. many men end up feeling like a sperm donor when TTC turns into a "we can only have s_x on these days" thing. Relax, you are probably pregnant, but if not, enjoy your marriage and your s_x life. It will happen.


Grandpa Viv - October 22

I agree that you are most likely pregnant and it sounds as though you are a couple of months along. About one in four pregnancies experience bleeding in the first trimester. Its time for you to visit a clinic or a doctor to get confirmation and proper prenatal care. Good luck!


thoughts - October 22

Dear "To thoughts", dear "grandpa viv" and Hi and baby dust to :my opinion"...thank you all for your thoughts thank you for understanding..the negative was in between the positives, yes...I will try to enjoy my life, thank you...thank you...grandpa thank you too for yours..I have been taking prenatal vitamins...I am also scared to death of doctors...I had two sisters whose doctors I hold partially responsible for their deaths...I'm trying to work out my deep has been a very traumatic experience having two sisters die in two and a half years... "my opinion" I will keep trying to get hubby to open up....let us know if you are preggers, best wishes to you and all...



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