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Dia - October 12

Hey girls! It has been awhile and I wanted to check in with you. I see the other thread stopped about 3 weeks ago. I hope everyone is still around. Good news...I'm Pregnant! DH and I got very lucky...we had stopped trying and then about 3 weeks ago, we fooled around, knowing I was ovulating...and it worked! How is everyone else....Tia? Lisa? Colleen??


lisa - October 13

Oh my god dia- I'm sooooo happy for you!!!! I've been searching around , and couldn't find you anywhere!! How far along are you??? I'm glad I could spread some baby dust..... I had my D&C on Sept 1, and now i'm looking in to a specialist. did you know Tia is preggo? I wonder how Colleen is doing? dh , and I are going to start trying in the spring..again... Dia- good luck to you, I'm glad I found you!! YEAH!!!!!


Dia - October 13

Hi Lisa!!! Yea!! I am glad someone was still on here. I was looking back through the old discussions...how are you doing? This may sound like a stupid question, but why are you looking for a specialist? And why wait til spring to try again? I really really hope this happens for you Lisa...you really deserve it. You have been handed a c___ppy set of cards lately...best of luck!! :)


Dia - October 13

I am very brand new pregnant - I got my BFP on Monday (4 days ago) and my doctor couldn't see me until today to confirm. So, it is confirmed and I am 5wks 2days pregnant. It is really, really weird! I don't blame you for waiting. It must be very difficult for you. I know I am considered "high risk" because I have adenomyosis - which is a muscle disease in the uterus. I can't have any caffeine and very little sugar b/c they may cause early contractions. Please keep up with me...I can give you my email in case we lose each other on here! It is [email protected] I can sort of understand about the anti-depressants. I have been on Lexapro for about 6 months and it is my lifesaver. I can't take it now, but I had a lot of depression with my husband being military. But, I should probably go now - have a good night!!!


lisa - October 14

Hey Dia- that stinks you can't have coffee or sugar!! When will they give you your first u/s? Is dh around? The antidepressants are helping, but I feel a little spacey, maybe because it's only been 3 wks. The Doctor told me I'd be considered high risk after 3m/c?? One of my friends went through the same thing I did, and it just ended up being low hormone levels. Now she has 2 healthy kids. So, we're going to wait after the holidays to start trying. Keep me posted- my e-mail is [email protected] just in case we get lost!! I'll still keep checking the thread.. Good Luck to you....:) Baby Glue!!!


Dia - October 14

How are things going at work for you? I am considering taking some time off of school for my 2nd and 3rd trimester. I really want to enjoy my pregnancy, and school is sooooo stressful! And I am so young too - I have plenty of time! I am also one of those people who WILL go back to school - it is what I love:) Did you find it hard working while you were pregnant? Didn't you want to just lay in bed all day? I also have another question for you, and I really hope it doesn't upset you...I was wondering if you had any indications that something was wrong? I have been having some pretty severe cramps lately...the dr said some cramps are normal, but sometimes mine are really painful. I haven't even had my first ultrasound yet, but I am a little worried. I know you had a D&C this last time, was that what you had the time before also?....thanks for any advice!!!


Dia - October 14

Oh! And I also wanted to ask...did you get soooo bloated in the beginning? I can't b___ton my jeans anymore and when I try to wear them, it causes more pain! I went out today and bought 1 pair of really cute maternity jeans with a really low panel (15$ at walmart :)) They are sooo comfortable, I think I may wear them forever...were you still wearing your normal clothes? I haven't gained any weight or anything, I just feel like I am retaining four gallons of water and my lower belly sticks out because of it!!


lisa - October 16

Hey Dia, Yes, I had most of the same symptoms- I did have a little cramping, nothing to severe- just weird twinges from side to side. I did buy maternity pants- sooo comfy!!! As far as the m/c- I had no indications- never bled nothing. the baby just didn't attach- It died @7wks, and no h/b @ 10wks. It's all pretty sketchy, so I'm going to another Dr. to see what's going on. Working was hard from being so tired, so, kick back, and relax. Don't get nervous- what happened to me was just weird, no explanation...., After all- It's out of our control ~~ Talk w/ ya soon!! Any ???, feel free to write, now get some rest!!! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


lisa - October 16

Hey Dia- forgot to tell you- I had 2 D&C's


Dia - October 17

Thanks for answering my questions! I really appreciate it. My cramping has been kind of taporing off and tomorrow I will be 6 weeks. But, I have been dreaming about s_x a lot, and in my dreams I actually have an orgasm, but about 3 seconds later I have excruciating pain in my uterus. The pain is so bad, it wakes me up and I can hardly breathe. Just wondering if you experienced any of that. I am still waiting to get my Dr....the military has to issue it, and I am going crazy b/c my family health doctor is no help at all!!! How have you been doing? How are things with you and DH?? Hope all is well! Talk to you later!


lisa - October 18

Hey Dia- I had the same pain during orgasm- it hurts like hell!! That's why I avoided it lol.....DH , and I are good- we're getting through- the antidepressants are helping, so is therapy. i' m seeing a new Dr. on November 2. Ibelieve we're doing some genetic testing, and thyroid function, so we'll see!! Talk to you soon.. Baby Dust, and Glue~~~~


lisa - October 20

where have you been girl???


Dia - October 31

Did you disappear again?? Hope the hurricane didn't get ya!! keep me posted...



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