Tips For Making A Big Baby

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Heather - July 21

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are things that can be done during pregnancy that make the cahnces of having a bigger baby more likely? I was adopted when I was 2 but my biological mother has very small babies, her smallest being 1 lb and her other babies being around 3 lbs. I am not preggo yet, my husband and I are just ttc - but anything I can do to greater my chances of having a bigger baby would be appreciated advice - I would prefer to prevent myself from having a 1lb baby! thanks for the advice! *~baby dust~*


Heather - July 21



stephanie - July 21

What you need to do is find diet tips for pregnancy..And follow those...Eat alotof healthy stuff...Walk a lil Should help..Best of luck


Heather - July 21

Thanks stephanie - I have seen some diets online but I am looking for advice that has worked for other women, it is so hard to know which diet advise works and which doesnt! Thanks for your advice though!


bump master - July 21



jess - July 21

Most women have babies in the 7lbs range. If your mom had babies at 1lbs, then they must have been in intensive care for quite some time. Chances that you'll have a tiny baby are very slim - as long as you take care of yourself. I'm not a doctor, but I highly doubt small babies are a genetic thing - especially that small. Eat well - eat natural, good for you, home cooked foods. Take walks, exercise, and just relax. If you're truly concerned, see your doctor.


bump - July 21



C. - July 21

Heather, I agree with Jess. I don't think that you need to worry about inheriting light-weight babies' genes from your mom. If your mother's babies were that light, then they were born pre-maturely. A full-term baby will never weigh 1 or even 3 lbs. (Are you sure it wasn't 'kilos'?) Anyway, if her kids were born pre-maturely, then this would be related to all sorts of things, diet, life style, illness, stress, or some other gestational illness. If you make sure you're well taken care off during pregnancy, you should be absolutely fine!!!


Jo - July 22

Heather- I read somewhere that the healthier your diet the bigger your baby will be. There is a book out there that is called what to eat when you are expecting. It's from the same people as what to expect when you are expecting. I would seriously make the purchase and follow it. I understand your concern. See my concern is that my baby will be too big (I was nearly 9lbs and DH came in over 7lbs). I am looking for an average size baby (say somewhere in the 7lb range). I'm not a big person to begin with (started out that way though). Good Luck.


Heather - July 22

thanks everyone for their advice - C. you are right all of her babies were born prematurly - no those are not kilos they are lbs. - I was 3 lbs., my brother was just over 3 lbs and my little brother was 1 lb. - thanks for your advice - Jo - can the doctor keep track of your babies birthweight before the baby is born? If the baby gets to big they can do a cesarian. **~Baby dust~*


C. - July 22

Heather, docs can and do keep track of estimated weight, as your pregnancy progresses. In my case though, they were never really 'spot on'. All my kids were thought to be heavier, than they actually were. They were relative light weights, at just under 6 to 7lbs, and it was great. Easier to get out I tell you!! :) So, don't try and 'grow' them too big...Oh, and yes they can do a c-section, if the little one isn't so little. I really wouldn't worry, many women have babies 'to fit'.


Shana - July 27

I read in an article that the best way to have a healthy big baby is to gain weight. The less weight you gain the smaller your baby will be. The more weight you gain the bigger the baby.


dear Heather - July 27

i hv read articles saying tat having big babies r not advisable though of course it may go with the build of the parents .. in our ctry, if the baby becomes exceptionally big, the mother's chances of getting high blood peressure & diabetes will be there & thereof cause harm to the babe's health too. i suppose end of the day, a good diet is prime importance and as long as the baby is healthy & carry to full terms, no problem!



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