Tips To Become Pregnant

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Anna - October 13

Pray daily ....god will listen to the prayers and sure everyones wish will come true.


for gods sake - October 13

that is rediculous a baby comes when you time it right when your body is healthy god has nothig to do with it neither does jesus or the bloody virgin mary they all did exist but jesus was a healer not the feckin saviour and god did not create the world science has proven that other galaxies were formed through gas explosions not gods believe wot u want but its like wen i was at school all the kids were being told god made babies and i was 10 and just laughed in their face. your reproductive system makes babies science makes babies not god


J - October 13

Do you think we got this way through a coincidence of explosions, No! God made those explosions happen to form Earth, God provided the neccessary organisms to create us, the food we eat, the air we breath, these are not just coincidences, this was meant to happen. Science is also not just a coincidence of nature, it happens because God made it that way, he may not of had 2 hands and did it physically, but he made it happen. So I would start praying if i was you, because our bodies function is Gods work as well not just a coincidence of Nature or Science.


hahaha - October 13

rediculous chemicals made them explosions happen we r made of science evrything is science not god how pathetic. god didnt provid eorgnanismsthey were already there and if adam and eve existed where did the jura__sic part of life come in then? if they were the 1st humans on earth ? we evolved from apes and we keep evolving to this day look at people in prehistoric times and look at us cant u see a difrence it a load of bollocks and god does not answer prayers if god was so mighty why doesnt he help sick people or help us ttc? ay? no becuase he doesnt exist and if he is so powerful to create the earth why doesnt he help injured sick or poor no coz he isnt there! theres no god just us on this little planet that eveolved from micro organisms. would love to know how u think he does it and created the earth coz i hae explained my side and backed it up with physics chemistry and biology love to hear yours


J - October 13

So you think we are just here by chance, because a series of events and evolution, with no interaction from any other source?


ha - October 13

yes i do we are here because of any other world or planet when chemicals collide they make other objects and other chemicals and it goes down a chain like that. we were created by evolution adam and eve never existed because that would call palientlogists and archaeoligists liars and it would call all scientists with degrees and majors and high intelligence liars just think about it love


To both of you - October 13

I think you both need to take it somewhere else...You all can believe in what you want...This is a place for help not bashing in what we all believe in...I will believe in what I was taught and not to try to throw it in someone elses face...Bye bye go somewhere else.


Em - October 13

A- explosions do not cause things to be created, they cause things to be destroyed. Science jsut looks for ways to eplxin things there are no explainations for....B- God created humans to reproduce. He created our reproductive systems. Nature has its way of working becasue God designed it that way...


eh - October 13

how did god create humans when we evolved from apes how did ama and eve get here when the dinosuars were 1st?


i agree - October 13

in the beginning there was NOTHING a void space.....tell me where the chemicals came from, the apes ,the planets that collided and so on and so forth


no - October 13

the big bang thoery first then microorganisms formed then the earth formed along with that then plants lakes creatures then dinosaurs and some mammels like whales and so on then apes then man formed from apes or r u just stupid? if adam and eve existed where did the dinosaurs come in answer that?


to no - October 13



J - October 13

Where did the apes come from then?


J - October 13

And where did the dinosaurs come from, did they come from an explosion too? You ask where Adam and Eve came from, what about all the other mammals?


Mike - October 13

It's truly amazing how any mention of God either sparks a debate about evolution or why God lets bad things happen, like cancer or war. These are the two most common themes in people who start debating whether or not there is a God. Here's my 2 cents. I belive that God created everything, including the dinosaurs. I do believe that prayer works. I think there is something to it when a collective body of people concentrate on one thing. But, I also have to keep in mind that God views us as if he were looking down on a parade. If we were standing on the street, we would see the floats as they pa__s by, not knowing when the end of the parade will be. But God is high above the parade and can see the whole thing, beginning to end. To Him, time has no meaning. He sees it as it should be. So, we pray and we ask, but God's timing is infalible. This is something that we can't comprehend as much as we try. And God absolutely will not violate his condition of free-will. Thus, wars and why bad things happen to good people. We are free to chose how to act. And disease, famine, pestilence is due to a great extent to man's actions. While we have natural disasters, we must remember that there have always been natural disasters. And if you put a city in a region below sea level and don't shore it up then, if a natural disaster hits, it will be a big problem. That's man's fault and not God's. I will not make anyone believe in divine intervention or creationism. Heck, if you go to college nowadays, they do their best to root all references to christianity out of you as soon as possible. Plus, there are those who have had some traumatic expeirence in their life and have from that moment questioned God and why God would allow such a thing. So, pray, but also realize that God helps those who helps themselves. In other words, don't be ignorant of what you need to do to help become pregnant.


J - October 13

Well said Mike. I think we should leave it at that. Bye.


I second that - October 13

well said Mike



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