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Tired - April 28

Wait until you miss your period then take a HPT. If you dont get the answer you want, wait a week take another one. If still not the answer you want GO TO THE DOCTOR. You could have something else wrong with you!!!


no need to be like that - April 28

yes, thx we all know that. We are here in this forum not only to get advice but also to share our anxieties. If U find it hard to read those questions, then just don't. No need to be so rude.


Kristy - April 28

Some of us can't wait til we miss our period, we're too excited (or nervous in some cases) to wait til we're late. This is just a discussion forum for us to compare symptoms and stories. So back off.


mmm - April 28

Who the hell to you think you are ??? If you don't like it, then stay off this site, cause obviously your shouldn't be expressing your opinions, because now they don't count !!!!!! Grow up!!!!!


hoohaa - April 28

did I come to the wrong forum by mistake? Sorry - I thought this was the "signs of pregancy" forum where one could ask about the chances of actually being pregnant and then share and give and get support about being pregnant.....I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and gone to the wrong place. Oh dear. Silly me.


Tired - April 28

This is a logical answer. Some woman are waiting intirely too long before seeing a doctor. There could be several things causing her to feel like she is pregnant. If she waits too long for answers from us, it could be getting worse. I am looking out for woman. The same thing happened to me. I wasnt meaning to sound nasty. But, if you are late by more than a month. You should be checked out. You could have cysts, bad thyroid, be seriously ill and not know it, you could have a tubal pregnant that is giving you a neg. result. All this things can be very serious conditions if not taken care of correctly. Type in Missed period in the search and see all the reasons for a delayed menstrual. Its amazing. Just dont wait to long before seeing a doctor. I have not problem helping with anxieties or sharing syptoms and stories.


really? - April 28

That's not what the t_tle of your question says "TIRED OF COULD I BE PREGNANT QUESTION".....


also tired - April 28

I also am tired of dimwits who have to ask if they could be prego. Get with the times women! If you are looking for support than say so in a different way. Asking strangers if you are pregnant is insane.


To Tired - April 28

If you are tired then stop looking at the site and go somewhere else where maybe you could be helpful. We are here to help people or give them advice not to chatise them for asking a simple question...I am tired of ignorant people putting people down...


what ? did you ask your 1st - April 28

What questions did you ask your first time beging preg. I'm sure you wondered too. If you didn't and a baby popped out 9 months later than I would understand why you are sick of this question. Just skip it next time and find questions that you relate to better.


ana - April 28

i had unprotected s_x with my bf and im not sure if i got my perios i meen it was a week early and i did bleed but only for about 3 daisss ...does that count as my period or?? plz help im relly worried!!!!!


Alex - April 28

To "tired", firstly, people are asking the "could I be...." question because they want to know answers for their own specific situation. If you don't like, DON'T READ!! very simple, even for you. And for "also tired", given your great intelligence, I'm sure this should be a piece of cake for you. If you were more intelligent than any of us here, THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?? you should already know ALL there is to know about pregnancy, so if all you need to do is pee on a stick, then pee away chickie! This thread was obviously created out of boredome because someone wasn't getting involved in the other discussions or was unable to answer questions. This site is a support tool, use it or don't, it's your call, but stop ragging on people for asking questions and GET A LIFE!!


to also tired - April 28

Yup just sent you to the poor taste file.


also tired - April 28

I gave you all something to do while you wait to find out if you are pregnant. Poor taste b___ton anyone?


OMG - April 28



OMG - April 28

but entertaining!!


Steff - April 28

Can we all please just not respond to this anymore so it can move down the list and be gone. Just a thought....



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