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HLT1986 - January 31

I know you all always talk about a lotion discharge. Is it possible to have a lotiony discharge and NOT be preg? I am just off of Bcp's this month and right now for the past few days i have had a thick lotion discharge and I am not off of the bcp's bc i am ttc or anything...Basically I just want to know if it is normal to get a lotiony/thick white discharge even if you are not preg????


Whisper - January 31

I actually almost always had like that on the few days leading up to my period. But I haven't had any since I got pg. Its all just been kinda watery or ewcm. Everyone is different though. But yeah, that can be perfectly normal.


HLT1986 - January 31

Thanks So Much!


krissy2006 - February 1

Here's how discharge - cervical mucous - cm is supposed to go... During your period you can have obviously blood mixed with watery or ewcm-eggwhite cervicam mucous. After your period is done you will probably get a sticky cm that is about the constistency of water-flour mix. Very tacky. Then soon after it will turn lotiony and then soon after possibly watery or possibly ewcm up until ovulation. After ovulation many women's cm dries up or goes back to being sticky but many women I know personally and I myself have lotiony (and lots of it) CM from ovulation all the way until the day of my next period, so yes it is VERY NORMAL to have creamy/lotiony cm without being pregnant. I have heard in pregnancy the cm constistency is more that of a mixture of lotion and water...


mandababy27 - February 7

can it be like lotion and water if ur not preg?


krissy2006 - February 7

its not NORMAL as watery cm is "fertile" but not unheard of.


MammaJL - February 8

Hi HLT.. I Just got off the pill in january. I had the lotiony and watery discharge right up until the day that my af started.. I had a 22 day cycle compaired to 28 on the pill.



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