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Jamie - October 19

I recently had s_x with my bf and afterwards there was a puddle of blood on him. Earlier i had only been spotting and it stopped right this a sign of pregnancy? also...if u concieve too late in ure cycle is it possible to still partially get ure period (maybe one thats lighter and shorter) and still be pregnant? thanks in advance


Em - October 19

Sorry I can't help much. I do know that it is posible to have a short period while preg. It hasn't ever happende to me though....


C - October 19

I don't know if it is common to conceive right before your cycle, did you ovulate then? Most women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, so conceiving before your period might be unlikely. As for the blood, from what I've read it could be a sign of an std, but if you are sure you don't have one then I would go see your gyno for explanation.


To Jamie: & a bump - October 19

I would also like to know this....if a partial or very short light period later(thinking your late) is still a possibility to be pregnant...


Jamie - October 19

Um, ya and std is NOT possible...first of all thats not a likely sign of an std also...what do u think i sleep around??? Im in a serious relationship thank u and i jus needed some clarity on some symptoms.


To Jamie - October 19

Just because you are just with him, doesn't mean he is only with you. No one was saying you sleep around. You came for some info on here and that is what the women on here are trying to give you.


HMM>>> - October 19

Maybe you started you Period...


Jamie - October 19

I would appreciate it if u keep ure thoughts concerning my guy to ureself...u dont even know him and have no right to say hes sleeping with other women.


C - October 21

Oh my goodness....I have done tons of reading and research on girls bodies and yes it is a sign of an std...and NO ONE said you have one. Get a grip. That was the only thought I had to offer. There was no need to jump at me like that. NO ONE said you sleep around but maybe since you got so deffensive we should wonder otherwise. Girls complain that no one answers their questions on here and when people do they get all crazy. It was a simple suggestion, not a result.


Tammy - October 21

I agree, no one was attacking you till you lashed out over nothing, here is some info...Gonorrhea - STD symptoms include burning sensations when urinating, pus from p___s, v____al discharge that is yellow or bloody, and v____al bleeding during s_x.---Hopefully you just started your period and that's all.


J - October 21

hi Jamie, sometimes if you have s_x just before your period it brings your period on earlier (as you are bumping your cervix), when i was a teenager that happend to me once.



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