To African American TTC Ers Please Post

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Jersey - October 14

I really enjoy this forum. I just wanted to create a post that ladies like me could post on and share their similarities and concerns. i am african american but all are welcome!!!


Hafsah - October 14

Hi Jersey, I'm african american too that lives up North.Me and my dh have been ttc for 6 months. I think I'm Pregnant, af is due 19. We bd around my fertile days, every day. I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms. Breast soreness, cramps, head aches, and mood swings. I will wait to see if af is late.


Jersey - October 14

that would be very good news if so! me and my dh have been ttc for about 14 months now. im 25 healthy and dh is 20 and healthy as well we have been married for 2 yrs and still waiting for baby!!! we are trying to be patient, and since we have tried everything but doctors intervention , we decided to just "wait and not stress" like everyone says.


bump up - October 14



angie - October 14

im african american, and i just got my bfp 2day on my bday,after ttc for like 10 months. i just posted a forum describing my symptoms.


Hafsah - October 14

Jersey I'm 29 and my husband is 24. Are u and dh just bd around your fertile days, r u not focus on certain days. R u just enjoying the time spent.


Hafsah - October 14

Have you noticed any signs or difference with this cycle?


rochelle - October 14

Hello, Does anyone know how the Montgomery's tubercles look like (for African Americans that is). I've read that they are like white pimples. Angie, do you have them?


keekee - October 14

Hello everyone!!! Welcome ladies of color!!! MT look like white bumps. I also always get white crazy looking hairs on my b___sts when pregnant. I hope this helps.....I'm a black girl from WI. I am 29 years young and have two children. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will try to answer them if I can.I hope you all Get BFP soon!!!!........Smooches!!!


Pepsi - October 14

Hi all, I'm kinda glad to see this thread :-). I'm TTC, this is my second month going around. I'm mostly trying to be patient and allow the Lord to do what He does in His perfect timing. I just started charting and observing CM. If nothing else it feels good to know what my body is doing at all times. I'm praying for no AF On Nov. 6th.


tab - October 14

hello, I am african american too, I am 27 dh is 29, this will be baby 3, we have been ttc for 5 months now. I should have ov on the 8th, my af is due on the 21st. So far, today my nipples became sore and I am having discharge, cramp here and there, nothing major to report, all those symptoms I have learned could be af on her way. I have decided not to test at all until af is late. :) I won't have my hopes up until I start peeing a lot, that is one of the definite signs I normally have during the middle of the night. Never had morning sickness or anything, I was one of those that sailed through with no problems. Congrats to u angie!!! Maybe we will have bfp's this month!!! Only time will tell us what is in store, keep us posted hafsah, when will u test?


Jersey - October 18

hi ladies, well af came yesterday so i guess we shall try again!!!


Paula - October 18

Well I am AA 36yo female ttc since 10/04 for #2. We have a DD who is 91/2 years old. Hoping this is my month for a BFP! I chart on FF and it says I am 14 dpo, when on yesterday I was 16 dpo, so here's to waiting. My LP is usually 15-16 dpo, so I am not stressing to test until af is late. I plan to test on tomorrow. Well, my symptoms are off and on tender b___sts, felt like af was coming since Friday, but still not here, little cramping in the center above the pubic bone, so we shall see. KEEKEE what part of the WI are you from? I am from Trinidad, Sweeeeet T&T!!! Sending baby dust to everyone. Oh by the way I have had 3 m/c, 1 chemical pregnancy, 1 blighted ovum. So here's to hoping this is the month for a BFP and one that sticks!! Sending baby dust to everyone on this thread.


Hafsah - October 18

Paula, any difference in your discharge?


Paula - October 18

Just a lot of it. Clear to creamy white.


niqaabian - October 18

hello everyone.. Im also afro american 29yrs and happily marrired an TTC for 4 months now ,I have been trcaking my cycle JULY af was reg 5 day flow ...August... af irreg she began with brown cm frist day then dark red , then reg in color still 5 days alternating btw very light and med flow < I was confused so I tested .. BFN ohh boyyaaa ...ok now in Sept af 5 days also but ..not much of a flow at all> very light but still tested BFN .. Oct no af.. due on 12th .... very usually im a reg 33 day cycle ..I have not tested yet im so nervous but im PRAYING for BFP this month .. twins would be nice .. mom has two sets of them 22yrs and 15yrs <smiles> oh I have many,many signs of pregnancy .. sore b___st, vomitting ,back ache ,sleeping all day ,sticky cm, highten sense of smell ,mood swings, craving for sour food, soft cake,and ginger ale soda ..hahahah ...and of course AF didnt vist me..heyy if you ladies see her or know someone who knows her .. tell her I moved ..heheh


katie - October 19

Hello everyone! I am african american as well. My bf and I were ttc for 9 months. I just found out last week that I am pg. I should be about a month along. My first doctors appointment is Nov. 8. I'm so scared and so happy and so afraid to be happy at the same time. Good luck amd baby dust to all



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