To All Those Cows Out There

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Natalie - March 22

I think everyone who spoke about grandpa viv badly owes him an apology. hes a kind man who does our dirty work and trys to support us in how we feel. his name doesnt make him an old perv. i think his name originated as grandpa's usually have great advice and peple tend to find them very helpful. maybe he used that as to try and comfort people. now i dont know what name he is under and i need his help and i cant find out who he is because you have all treated him so badly over the past weeks dissing him because your all hormonal nightmares. thanks to the peeps who stuck up for the guy, he was a great guy and you all pused hi away. all he tryed to do was help. you dont know he may be a an in his thirties who researches this stuff coz he and his wife are trying to concieve and he may wanna try and help others too. he shouldnt have to give his credentials to you all because your all heartless wanks. now apologise so we can have him back! soe of us loved him cherished him counted our blessings and even took advantage of hi but most of us needed him! so back off!


bitten - March 22

sorry balright sorry, hes an ld perv but i know you all need hi to worship


S.O.I - March 22



Lyn from australia - March 23

i agree with natalie granpa viv is a great advicer.........but he is still around i posted a message 2 days ago and he answered in it


Wendy - March 23

I think he's a waste of time, I don't think he knows alot at all.... I asked him a question regarding my concerns, all he said was SOUNDS LIKE A MISSED MISCARRIAGE ( and thank god it wasn't) but what the hell.. bugger GRANDPA VIV and no one owes him anything


Little Me - March 23

People come here for advice.... And this is not a doctors office, where the doctor gets to see you and evaluate and then tell you what is going on with you Wendy.... You have to go to the doctor.... I think grandpa Viv is very helpful. THANK YOU GRANDPA VIV. HE DOES KNOW A LOT ABOUT WOMANS BODY, DISEASES, ETC. Of course he is human. And he is not a doctor to give you a sure answer of what is going on with you.... Come on people, learn to be nice to people who try to help.... YOU ARE NOT PERFECT ARE YOU?


Natalie - March 23

wendy how you grandpa viv know without seeing you what the problem was. all he ccan do is give his input to try and help. input u asked for. be greatful he even bothers


kat - March 23

i totally agree with natalie and little me,and beside doctors dont always get it right anyway!


sparkle - March 23

is grandpa viv really a man? if so it is a bid odd him hanging round here, unless he is really a she???


s!!!! - March 23

hey all. You people are silly (the ones who bash granpa viv). If you have been reading the posts... I believe in there somewhere grandpa viv says the shes a woman, not a man. That is just a nickname. just like ur name is bitten. Anyways this is what is called a message board, it doesnt say anywhere that an oncall doctor will be ans. your questions. It is just for advice. Doesnt mean you believe or have to go by everything you read or see. This is just for people to vent, see how others feel about their problem. This doesnt take the place of going to the doctor. If you need to go, then go. Dont blame anyone on this site for misdiagnosing you. So for all those who have a problem with grandpa viv giving suggestions, then you shouldnt be asking your questions on here and go see a doctor. This does not take the place of that. I wish you all the best of health and happiness and to all those who need it, lots of baby dust!


<> - March 23

how stupid are u women coming to a forum for a diagnosis. hes just giving ADVICE. theres nothing concrete about advice. go see ur dr.


<> - March 23

oh, by the way, i think he has always given pretty good advice. and i believe that he has always said, "see ur doctor". so, i think grandpa viv is a pretty sincere guy.


MM - March 23

I agree with Natalie - this forum is for advice - if you think you need an expert's medical opinion, go see your doctor! Thanks Grandpa Viv!!



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