To All Those With A BFN Last Month

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Camilla - May 20

It really sucks getting a BFN but unless you have been ttc for months already, let's try and make the most of *not* being pregnant YET.. Might be our last chance to catch up on those vitamins we meant to take but (uhm) didn't, drink that nice glass of wine or cool Colada, stay up late (anything past 7.00 is midnight when preggers) , enjoy bd'ing with *him* (without feeling nauseously sick), squeeze into that itsy bikini (uhm, well maybe not..), gorge on seafood, take meds if we ate too much of the stuff, chat away on this forum, dye our hair blue, (or black or blonde), paint the house blue, (or black or..), etc. etc. So, guess we might as well put the time waiting to some..(good) use. Baby Dust to all and here's hoping we can stop doing all this stuff next month!!!!


Q - May 20

lol - I totally died my hair black a few weeks ago :) Because I knew I was NOT expecting! Keep up the smiles and laughter....


Renae - May 20

Camilla, I am enlightened by your sense of optimism and trying to look at the bright side. There are so many frustrated women here, hopefully most of them will come across your post. I smiled and felt a sense of calmness when I read it. Best Wishes to you


enail - May 20

Thanks camilla! :)


blue - May 20

Camilla - you're great! Keep your chin up, girl! Love blue x


Camilla - May 21

To Q, Renae, Enail, Blue..thanx girls...I've just colored my hair blonde, lol. I may not be pregnant yet but at least I look okay, he he. Fingers crossed for all of us, let us know how you're doing. :-)


J - May 23

bumping it up..cause it made me smile......


kd - May 23

Thank you for this! I was sad to get AF this week but so glad that I could take now a bunch of Advil to help with the cramps that I had been putting up with for days "just in case". Dying my hair this month might be a very good idea, I feel lucky. Thanks again, Good Luck All.


:-) - May 24

also bumping it up..



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