To Anyone Who Checks Their CP Please Read

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Shannon - November 20

Hi ladies! I am new at the whole checking cp thing. I was supposed to start af today.. and thank god, she didn't show her ugly face! Ever since O, my cp has been high and soft... this is a good thing, correct? If af doesn't show by tomorrow, I am going to test the next day, which puts me at 16dpo. Very nervous! Until then, can you ladies give me advice about the cp thing? Thanks and loads of baby dust!!


Daisy Jean - November 21

I have read that the cervix is not a very good sign in very early pregnancy. a few more weeks on and high and soft is normal for pregnancy but, from what I understand, it could be all over the place right now. Good luck and baby dust back at ya!


Dana - November 21

Hi - I don't think that checking CP is a very reliable method. I am 5 weeks pregnant and my CP is low, hard and closed - I have heard from other people who have been high and soft when they were pregnant so I think that it is different for everyone. Good luck to you!


To Shannon - November 21

I disagree, my cervix position was a great indicator of my pregnancy ( i am 10 weeks) after conception the cervix rises really high, mine did this and has stayed up ever since, in the week before af it should be getting lower/softer ready for af so it is high and firm then it is a good indicator.


Shannon - November 21

Thank you so much!!


Patti - November 21

I am one of those who's cp is not a sign. When I was pg my cervix stayed low for weeks into my pregnancy. However, I am still a sucker for checking it for softness :) Good luck!


Erin - November 21

I've done some research and asked SEVERAL cp checkers and the conclusion I came to was that in general, cp is NOT a good detection of pg. In some cases, it can be, but the majority of cases show that cp didn't indicate pg at all. Good luck though... your period being late is a much better sign than a high and soft cp anyday!



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