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La Rae - February 24

I was just wondering how you are doing...? Is it getting close to your O time yet? I so hope that this is the time for you to conceive your (sure-to-be) beautiful baby. Have you daydreamed about what it's going to be like? I bet you have....I know I have. Even though I already have one child, it's still going to be a 'new' experience for me (every pregnancy is different, they say). I don't know if it's going to happen for me again - and I am truly grateful for the son that I have, but it's hard not to wish that God would give me just ONE more you know? I hope that doesn't sound selfish, or anything. It's just how I feel. I guess because I am having such a hard time conceiving now, I am realizing the cold, hard truth that it really isn't as easy as I once (at the age of 22) thought it was. Anyways, I hope you are doing ok, and I just wanted to send some Baby Dust your way.....God Bless and God Speed to you, Claire. Take Care....


Bump- - February 24

-ity bump


Claire - February 25

Hi La Rae, great to hear from you. I haven't been on the site much since AF hit. Everyone talking about symptoms etc & is doing my head in - I was sure I was showing symptoms and then AF turned up. I know I need to stay positive but it was really strange. You too were having lots weren't you? It's certainly tricky thing this ttc business!! This is your 5th month ttc isn't it? It's our's too. I hope it works this time. I used to think how hard can it be?! I don't think you're selfish at all to be wanting a second one so much. I think it's great as it shows what a great Mom you are! O time is next week - around the 3th I think - i'll start my opk next Tuesday just to be sure. How about you? I hope we get lucky this month. My dh has been wanting to ttc since last May - now I wish we had. Anyway, I believe that fate plays a large part and whatever will be will be. Wishing you lots & lots of luck and here's hoping that this month is our lucky month. Keep in touch La Rae. Baby Dust galore to you.....



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