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m - November 11

Did your hubby forgive you? lol And did you have to wear those thongs to make it up to him? Also, I made your apple crisp last night, and mmmmmmmmmm was it good! Thanks for the recipe


E - November 11

Last night was so funny. He said it was no big deal that I forgot his b-day but he was awfully moody and quiet for someone who didn't care. He got his wishes for the most part (unlimited video games, p___n, and a cooked meal) but I begged him not to embarra__s me by making me prance around in a thong while prego. Especially after he told me the other day that my b___t is getting bigger. Glad you liked the recipe:) I ate some last night too! The worst part about last night was that everyone and their neighbor called to wish him a happy birthday but I, his wife, had to be reminded.


m - November 11

LMAO! Your stories are so funny! I hate it that your original thread was in those that were deleted yesterday. I was having so much fun reading all of the funny stories people were telling! If your hubby is anything like mine, when your birthday rolls around, the playful revenge will kick in and he'll tell you Happy Birthday all day long!! lol


E - November 11

Heehee. I was such a snot last year when he gave me a gift certificate for my b-day at a store that I like. I complained about it being impersonal and innappropriate for a husband to give to a wife. I sure got a kick in the arse over that. I did buy presents for him but gave them to him almost 2 weeks ago which I think played a part in my forgetting about his b-day. I bought him some great stuff that I knew he would love and I didn't want to wait for the actual day to roll around.


Ash - November 11

E, I was soo p__sed to see that your post was deleted. I had just written you some great advice, and then *poof* the thread was gone. Oh well, I am glad to hear that his day worked out okay afterall. :)


E - November 12

Thanks Ash:) I wake up every morning now paranoid I am forgetting something.


m - November 12

E, I read in Vivi's thread you are having a boy. I hated to rejoice about anything in her thread, as it might be disrespectful. So I wanted to come on this thread and tell you congrats! I have 2 sons and they are a joy! I wanted a girl real bad the 2nd time, but I've been blessed w/boys. Maybe I'll get my girl next time. ;o)



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