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concerned woman - November 22

Alrighty ladies, for the past few days I have gone threw and read quite a few posts. I have to questions this??? Why are some of you on here, if you are just going to put people down and make fun of them for thier concerns and posts? We are here for the common reason, because we are scared, curious, anxious, nervous or what ever. Some of us have previous knowledge to offer people and some are here to learn. NOT EVERY BODY has the same experience. Pregnancy is not always like you read in a text book. So those of you who have basically called people stupid to thier face in thier posts, shame on you. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? Another topic is, these 13,14, 15, etc year olds on here TRYING to get pregnant. We cannot condone these young children to have babies. We as older adults need to try and persade these young ladies to WAIT, to enjoy youth, and to reason with them, to wait until they are older, and more responsible to have a child. I full understand that accidents happen. I just can't even fathom why a child is having s_x at 13? I have a 5 year old, and the thought makes me rather sick. But instead of yelling at them, lets show them reality and try to show them why they shouldn't have a baby so young! (I will never condone a 13-14-15 year old that it is OKAY to try and have a bay, if they insist then they need to go to a teen pregnancy site if they want some one to be gung-ho and happy for them. YES? NO? Maybe? We are all here for support for other Woman. We all have questions whether they be silly or not. And we should not criticize a woman for her questiosn! thanks


Sarah - November 22

To Unknown: you just proved her point To Concerned: i'm with you


ashley - November 22

Dont worry concerned you are definitely right. UNKNOW is a person who has no business being on this site. And she did prove your point.


E - November 22

:) I enjoy helping and sharing. I am tired of the teens being treated with such disrespect when they obviously need some serious guidance. I have stated and will maintain that when you treat people with respect, they often rise to the occasion and try to behave in a more mature manner. This is especially crucial for teens as some are about to face motherhood and need good examples set forth to them rather quickly. Swearing and badgering is not going to undo their pregnancies and can cause some teens to feel more defeated in life. Unfortunately, there are idealistic trolls on these boards that feel everyone should just "know better" and that all teens come from perfect families and if they do not, somehow the teen is entirely to blame for their lack of direction. Thank you Concerned Woman!


E - November 22

Hey, I want to be told to get a life and to f-off, too! Not fair unknown...


To concerned woman - November 22

I think your post would be more appropriate on the teen board. Isn't it possible that most of the "condoning" of teen pregnancy, comes from teens themselves? And even if older ladies "condone" it, I guess we all have differing opinions. As much as we'd like to just all get along, there will always be disputes/debates. But we all just go on and forget about it. Also, just because someone states an opinion does not mean they are judging. If you post something on a public forum, you take a chance of coming under fire and catching criticism. That's just life. I do see your point, but it will only work in theory, the reality is we just have to live and let live!


concerned woman - November 22

yes, but I see that quite a few young ladies are posting on this forum, and people are down right scrutinizing them.



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