To Get Preg

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jill - April 19

I want to get preg and my bf doesnt, well not any time soon, he likes do to it the safe way, using condoms.. i went off birthcontrol once, and that made my period that month really heavy, so i went back on it.. and I dont want to go off it, bc of my periods. What can i do to get preg, with also staying on birth control. i mean is there a way? and also for my bf to not know wat im doing


jena - April 19

jill, you cannot get pregnant on birth control. i mean, there's a 2-3% margin of error, but there's no point in trying to concieve while on the pill. But the main thing is, if your boyfriend doesn't want a kid, don't make one!! believe men when they say they can't handle a baby yet - if you got pregnant would he stay? he's being very responsible using condoms and that's respectable. don't ruin his life. if you want a baby, get a new boyfriend because tricking the one you have now is not the right thing to do.


vanessa - April 19

I have to agree with jena on this one. Making a baby should be a MUTUAL decision... not out of deception. Do yourself a favor and STAY ON BIRTH CONTROL. For both of your sakes!


some1else - April 19

what if the man knows very well the girl is off BCP and refuses to wear condoms but says he doesn't want a kid now ? Is it still deseption ?


tsk - April 19



jill - April 19

Okay, thanks!!! I'll do that


mika - April 19

look jill, your being very selfish trying to make a baby when you know your other half is not ready for that commitment. he may actually end up hating you and your baby because of this. you think he isnt gonna realise when you become pregnant and you said you wanted a baby that you planned this! i think this is very irresponsible and immature and it shows your selfishness and the fact that you are not ready for a baby yourself!


noodle - April 19

sorry but if you had any respect for your boyfriend you wouldnt do that!


Cari - April 19

Don't put a baby in the middle of that! It should take 2 yes's to make one. And that is deception which is not good for a relationship. Marry someone who is on the same page as you!!



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