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20 Questions - January 22

Hello all! I have a question I hope someone can help me out with. I have irregular cycles. The last 3 years I seem to skip over the December cycle all together which is most likely due to stress over the holidays. I usually get it in the beginning of January. As of now I have not got AF yet. I thought I was going to have it back on the 10th after DH & I had BD I saw a very tiny spot of blood so I thought it would be right around the corner. NOPE. So while I was at work on Friday the 19th I felt like I was going to get my visit from AF but all I had was when I went to the Loo was a clot (sorry TMI) pass and that was it. I put a pad on because I thought she was here. I only had gotten some pink only when I wiped for the day and then some brown blood the following day. I am totally confused. I have not been on BC for over 3 years and I have not really been TTC. I figured after 3 years and no baby then it would be unlikely for me to get PG since I am almost 37 and getting old to get PG. My stomach feels crampy, I feel icky after eating at times. I am really not thinking I am PG since I did have that clot. I am just wondering what all this could be. I have not tested since I did temp once before the clot and it was at the normal of 97.56. I have no idea when I O’d since the December cycle was skipped. I BD’d on 12/29, 1/8,1/15, & 1/17. ANY IDEAS ANYONE!!!


20 Questions - January 22



MelissaP - January 22

There is a possiblity of pregnancy, so I suggest you go pick up a few tests! That would be the first thing to do. If you are not satisfied with the results or you get a BFP, make an appointment with your doctor. Hope everything goes well and let me know how everything went! =)


jeanette - January 22

Ok...1.) you are not too old to get pregnant. I am 39yrs old and 22 weeks pg with my 4th child. 2.) Have you not been to the doctor? You really should get checked out to see why you skipped a cycle, and why you are irregular, and if the clot was normal or a way for your body to tell you something is up. You may or may not be pg...there is no way for us to tell you without you taking a test or going to the doctor. Thats my 2 cents! GL & GB!


Grandpa Viv - January 22

Sure, test again at weekly intervals until you are sure what is happening. Crampy and occasionally nauseous is a good start. How about tired, peeing and lotion discharge? Good luck!


LIN - January 22

I agree with Jeanette that you should see your doc (and definitely take a test!). Irregular cycles are something that can be overcome if you intend to ttc. Even if you don't, then at least your doc can do the appropriate tests to see if you're having endocrine problems. That's something that you really should know. Btw, are you the same 20 Questions that was around here last year sometime?


20 Questions - January 22

Yes I am the same 20 questions from last year that was such the wench and biotchy person .I have calmed down some. Haha. I know all of you have been around that is why I put you 3 in the t_tle. You all have the inputs to people. Thank You and good luck to you Jeanette. I will get a test tonight. I expecting it to be negative just because.............


20 Questions - January 23

Ok Thank you all for your inputs. I took a test laast night and it was just what I really expected. I guess I did not want to test before because of getting the result I did get. I am still a bit confused about what had happened. So I look up a doctor last night on the net since I have a new insurance. I will call and see when i can be seen. I actually went to feel my cervix. It felt somewhat soft. Not like I am used to but hey that really does not mean anything either I guess. Oh yeah Jeanette I think I skipped the last one because of stress it always seems to happen in December. I am hoping that the Dr. will be able to figure me out. Like I said I am still confused by the way I feel ie. the belly, bbs hurt at times but not tender, but I know that could be anything. But anyway thank you all again.



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