To Grandpa Viv Better To Use Dip Method For Hpt

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Ana - December 4

Hi Grandpa Viv...been noticing that you are able to answer quite a bit of questions. I noticed that you recommended one woman to use the dip method of first morning urine when doing a that more accurate? Just wondering because I am late as well and keep getting BFN...very curious to find out your answer! Thanks in advance!


Kira - December 4

Its because you can time it more accuratly i think. Usually if your holding it in ur urine stream it might not be a steady stream on the right part. Just guessing tho.


Grandpa Viv - December 4

This is closer to the "laboratory conditions" they talk about on the hpt box. If you are nervous about what you are doing, it removes one possible source of error. I also suggest a weekend morning for the same kind of reason. If you have the patience, test at one week intervals and call a doctor when you get a positive or when you miss a second period. For some it can take that long. Good luck!


ana - December 4

Thanks Grandpa Viv! - You just made another good point that I didn't can take 2 cycles before a BFP can show? - I have missed my period (2 weeks late) but keep getting a BFN...have the symptoms, so I am confused.


good question... - December 4

yes..I would like to know the answer to that too....can it take 2 missed periods to get a BFP?


Grandpa Viv - December 4

hCG levels double every few days in the first trimester, going from less than 2 to over 100,000. There is enormous variation in the rate of build-up from one pregnancy to another. A few women do have to wait until 8 weeks to get a positive. At that time a doctor visit is a good idea to find out what else might be going on.


ana - December 5

Ok, thanks...if the first day of my last period was Oct 15, then how far along would I be?? - I get so confused about this stuff!


Hi Ana - December 5

You'll be 7wks and 2 days



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