To Help With The Soreness

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Rhonda - June 6

Me and my fiancee have been having alot of s_x over the past two days,and plan on doing the same for the next two days(b/c i am ovulating around the 8th)But i am very sore,what can i use to help ease the soreness?(i dont mean to sound embarrassing)I just dont have alot of cm,even when im ovulating.I heard spit will kill sperm,and ky and astro glide.Any suggestions?Thank you ladies in advance.


Amy0805 - June 6

does spit really kill sperm???


sweetestchic - June 6

preseed is a sperm friendly lube that helps alot ... also i heard that eggwhites do the job wonderfully :) ... you just make sure you have a fresh egg that has NOT been sitting out of the fridge for a long time ... and make sure you DONT get any egg yolk with it because that is where the germs are ... one egg white shodul be enough .... one lady in the multiples forum got prgenant on clomid using eggwhites and i think she ended up with triplets :) .. so it does work since clomid dries you up so much .... pressed is expensive and only found in limited places and online as well .. google it ... so eggwhites is the next best thing :)


Rhonda - June 6

I have never heard of anyone using egg whites-hem news to me.I have heard spit kills the sperm.


Lin - June 6

Try Preseed. I haven't heard of egg whites either. I would think it would kill sperm just as much as spit or lubricants would.


Rhonda - June 6

So dose preseed also help with conceiving or no?


BrendaW - June 7

I am going to look up the spit thing that is insane if it is true. i will let you ladies know


BrendaW - June 7

It is TRUE! Saliva kills sperm. WOW! I never would have thought that! I am really glad i know that.


Natpink - June 7

Hi i just read your comments about spit killing the sperm, that has kind of freaked me out cause me and my partner are ttc, and sometimes if im dry down there(tmi) then he uses spit. so im hopeing that its not true. please keep me updated if you find out if its true or not.


sonia10 - June 7

I have read in a number of places that saliva kills sperms just as any other lubricant. Using egg/egg whites scares me. There is a potential for compications if the germs do get in. I use pre-seed. It is expensive, but better safe than sorry. Also, I have read that warm water does can also help, although I have never tried it



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