TO Krissy 2006

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danimarie - October 22

Hey....I know this may seem weird since I didn't ever really talk to you, I have been on pregnancy-info for about 14 months now....the only permanent place I post all the time is the NewDay thread. ANYWAY....even though I never really talked to you I followed you a lot and prayed for you all the time! Weird I know, that I didn't ever say anything and yet was still interested in what was going on. So then that creepy person tried to be you and you deleted your piczo and stuff so I obviously haven't kept up with you.....I don't know your personal email or any other way to get ahold of you...but I have been wondering how you're doing. SOO....if you get this and don't want to respond on here that is cool. You can email me at thechipperswifey at yahoo dot com. Hope all is well : ) PS....have you heard from Lin lately? Has anyone?


Missy - October 23

Hey - Krissy isn't on here much after what happened with the creepy people.....Keep bumpin this up and I will let her know you are asking about her so she can respond to you!!


danimarie - October 23

Thanks Missy! I peek in on your thread once in awhile too! I saw that you're getting ready to start Clomid this next cycle...GOOD LUCK! I hope you get your bfp soo soon! I am actually hoping to get one soon although I have a 6month old daughter....I am b___stfeeding and haven't gotten a pp period yet, but hopefully I will become fertile again really soon...we'd love our first two to be close together. But I guess it is totally up to God's timing!


Rainbowbrite - October 23

danimarie- go over to the first trimester board! she has a post over there!!!! Wait til you see it!!!


danimarie - October 23



krissy2006 - October 23

Danimarie, HI! Missy is right I don't come on here much anymore after that whole mishap but I do come on to read and yes I come on to post my BFPs. LOL I saw your post on the first tri thread and I thought it would be too confusing to reply to both so I decided to reply here. :) In any case thank you so much for caring and following my story. :) I have so many wonderful friends that began with this site and I have followed your story as well from the time you were preggo with #1 until about a couple months ago. :) (Just because of what happened and the fact I dont come here so I lose touch with where everyone is) In any case I did not delete my piczo. It is still there. The new addy is It has been completely revamped and if you want the pa__sword to the pages I have coded just e-mail me. my e-mail addy is sugarypunkin48(at) and I would love to hear from you aside from that as well. I think it is so great that you want your babies close together. Did the doctor say while b___stfeeding how long it may take to become regular again? Or is that completely impossible? Or? I hope it happens for you but as is my motto ALL IN HIS TIME. Because I know from experience forcing things in My time only brings heartache. As for LIN, I have not heard from her or of her. I wish I knew what was up though cuz I wanna know how that PG is going and I wanna know when he's born cuz she's getting close. In any case I am at work but I check in and out almost all day at the end of the month because there is virtually nothing to do. So I hope you and yours are very well. I am so excited to be heading into the "festive season". I love Halloween (but only for the kids and trick-or-treat) I hate everything it surrounds ... ugh! And I love thanksgiving and Christmas and new years. This is absolutely my favorite time of year and now I am getting misty eyed just thinking about it. I am hoping my super high gear emotins are a good sign of what is to come in 8 months... LOL Hope to talk to you soon. ~Krissy



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