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Lindsey - February 15

HAVE YOU TAKEN A HPT YET? I'm very excited for you. I hope there's a big fat positive line. Keep us all posted. I figured I'd start another thread, since the other one is getting tooooooo looooong!!! Good Luck!


La Rae - February 15

I am planning on taking the first one out of the two pack I bought, tomorrow morning. It'll probably be at 3:30 in the morning - because for the past 5 or so days that is what time I get up to go pee now. It's a First Response Early one, but even still - I am not holding my breath for a positive just yet. Although, I would like to think that because I can see blue veins in my nips, and also my montgomery glands have increased from 12 to 23 that I now have AT LEAST 25 hcg for it to show up pos on the test. BUT like I said....I am not holding my breath (I need to breath anyway, so I figure I'd better keep doing that - lmao) Btw.....good idea starting a new thread. The other one WAS taking five minutes or more just to scroll to the bottom. I wish the new posts started at the top. I am sorry to hear you got your af. I have been trying for 4 months, so I know what it's like to get your hopes up so high that it hurts your face when you come slamming down hard towards reality with a friggin' tampon in your hand! I sure do hope I am pg. Because these symptoms are WAY more prominent and different than the other months. I'll have to have myself committed if af comes and it's not implantation bleeding (which I think I should have gotten by now anyways if I was gonna get it, right?) Maybe I just got the 'cramps' and that's it. I was cramping real bad there for a couple of days. Oh shoot, I just wrote a book. Sorry, now we're gonna have to start a new thread again!


meredith - February 15

good luck la rae! keep us posted!!


saralee - February 16

fingers crossed for you La Rae that you get a BFP!!


hello - February 16

good luck la rae i will be testing around the 19th xxxxx


La Rae - February 16

Well....I actually got to 'sleep in' to 4:30 this time (but boy did I have to go!) I am not surprised you guys - it was a BFN. I am going to wait and see if af comes and goes Friday (I sure hope it does). IF it does, based upon my last 5 months of af being dead-on 26 days apart, then that would be a very encouraging sign for me. I am not stressed this time. Even my friends and family have commented on that, so I know it's true. I am pretty calm about this, really.... I did look at my nipples again (as usual). The montgomery glands are still at 23 and the ones that I had already sure are A LOT bigger! Not to sound weird or anything, but I had my sister look at 'em (she has five kids!) she's looked at 'em for me for the last 4 months actually, so she can 'compare' you know? As soon as she looked at 'em, she said 'Oh wow!' 'They DEFINITELY look different. She pointed out the veins and all that. Very encouraging for me, but I still want so bad to see that BFP. I shall keep you all posted, I promise. Good luck to you all with your 'Baby Dancing'. How are you doing Johanna? Sarel? How you two doing? Lindsey, Saralee, Meredith, & hello: thanks for the encouragement - God Bless you guys! I love this place....everyone is so cool.


hello - February 16

Oh my god we just knew it im so pleased for you and yr partner!!!! CONGRATULATIONS im so happy 4 u xxxx Maybe i should test but im to scared incase im not so lucky xxx In fact no i will wait and then cry then period arrives haha Enough about me i bet yr so please im so happy 4 u i can imagine u jumping around and stuff xxxx


hello - February 16

see i got that excited my post does not make sense!!!haha xxx


La Rae - February 16

Hey hello: It was negative. But I am not discouraged. I was almost 8 weeks before I showed pos on a doctor's office urine test when I was pg with my son. I am hangin' in there, and so should you. I don't know when I am testing again. I am going to wait and see if af comes on Friday or not (I sure HOPE she doesn't!) Good Luck to you - let me know when you plan on testing, ok? I am anxious to hear about your results, as well....


hello - February 16

do u think u should go get a blood test they are more accurate x


Emma - February 16

Hi La Rae - well, I am sure this is my AF - started off a bit different from normal yesterda, but it is still going - so it can hardly be called spotting. Such is life - will just have to try again this month. Hope all goes well for you - keep us posted x


claire - February 16

Hi, I have been reading threads for the AFdue 18th gang but they were getting very long & I haven't had a chance to respond by the time i got to the bottom!! La Rae - your symptoms do sound so encouraging - well done for keeping positive. I'm due for AF on 19th but have been having cramps, blue veins, stuffy nose, heavy b___sts. Slight sicky feeling if i go a couple of hours without eating. It's our 4th mth ttc so I'm hoping we've gotten lucky this month. Emma - sorry you've gotten AF this month. Keep us posted next mth. Who else is due AF 18th/19th? I'm gonna test on 20th. Good luck to everyone!


La Rae - February 16

Emma, I am so sorry to hear about af coming for you. :( Please keep your chin up, and keep trying. Just remember how much fun it is to TRY, ok? Claire, it sounds like you and I are neck-in-neck with the same symptoms. I get nauseated if I go more than a couple of hours without eating too - but I also feel kind of 'full' at the same time. I noticed this morning that my nipples are wider and softer - NOT a sign of af for me for sure. They are usually hard, and standing at attention when I'm this close to af. The increase in the montgomery glands and the veins is what pretty much has me convinced. Right now my lower back is hurting a little bit. If I was getting ready for af, that wouldn't be happening - it doesn't even happen to me when I am on af. Claire and hello: have either one of you noticed that your b___sts feel 'extra' doughy-like? Like their REAL soft and pliable? That's a new feeling for me - I KNOW that my b___bs are usuall 'hard' and getting ready for af around this time of the month of me. I noticed this so-called symptom two days ago, but really didn't think too much of it. Please let me know if you know what the heck I am talking about. Good luck to you both!


Lindsey - February 16

LaRae: Don't get discouraged yet...might not be enough hormones to detect. We are all hoping you are! How late are you for af? Or did you say you're due Friday? I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. I agree with the new posts at the top instead of the bottom. It's just so much more convenient..Looks like we'll be starting another thread soon. I love it here!!!!!! LaRae, Keep me posted!!! From the sounds of your symptoms, it's very encouraging!!!!! Good luck!


La Rae - to hello - February 16

Hey....I just realized you called yourself a bad name there. Don't worry about it. I figured you just misread the BFN for a BFP - it can happen (especially if you're pregnant - I have been REAL 'Ding-y' lately - downright 'Stupid' sometimes, it's been embarra__sing, let me tell ya'). Anybody else experiencing major 'Brain Farts' like I have within the past few days? About the blood test - I am going to wait it out with the urine test. I don't want to go to the doctor until I feel I HAVE to, ya' know? When are you planning on testing, btw?


La Rae to Lindsey - February 16

Thanks for the encouragement! I am TRYING not to get too excited, but it's hard not to. All the months I tried before, instead of excited - I felt anxious. I can't explain it, I just feel different about it this time....instead of the usual 'dread' there is 'hope' inside of me now, ya' know? My fingers and toes are crossed, that's for sure. I will definitely keep you posted. With Claire having the same symptoms as me, I find it hard to believe that BOTH of us are having NEW af symptoms, you know? I think hello has similiar symptoms as well.... Oh well - back to the 'Waiting Game'.


hello - February 16

Im going to test at weekend i think hun xx As for my b___bs they are lumpy and painful i have a lump in my b___st (not cancer had it checked) and it is hormone related they told me so maybe my period is going to come yet again!!! Oh how i hope not come fri we will be watching every move and by this long post we wont be the only ones!!!! xxx



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