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PO'd - November 21

This post is to ask questions and look for support. You come off as very harsh and unsymphetic. You may be trying to give the facts, but try to be a little sensative to those who are really hoping beyone hope to be pregnant and have someone to compare symptoms with.


To Lisa - November 21

yes! you are rude!


Whatever... - November 21

You girls are brutal! Go ahead and compare all your "fake" symptoms at 5dpo all you want. When AF shows up, don't come crying on the forum "I really thought I was pregnant". I have read Lisa's posts and frankly, she wasn't being rude or unsympathetic. She was being truthful. Sometimes the truth hurts.


geez... - November 21

flying daggers tonight! look out!


oh my - November 21



sam - November 21

hey I think its funny some of you are so upset and emotional about this hey maybe it means your pregnant! hehe baby dust to all


Patricia - November 21

I think Lisa and Whatever and I agree with Lisa are all Lisa (if that is her real name). My opinion.


ROLMAO - November 21

LOL, must suck to have to support yourself and pretend to be other people. Hmm, multiple personalities maybe??


to Patricia - November 21

Sorry...I am "I agree with Lisa" but I'm not the other two. Don't you think it is possible for more than one person to have the same opinion as Lisa?


Lisa - November 21



lisa - November 21

That above post was not me, I would not apologize since I really did nothing wrong. I was ttc for a year so yes I know the struggle. What I don't understand is why some of you want advice, but when you get honest advice you are so harsh on the person. I could have very easily said yes you are pregnant. But I was being honest. I have been on this site for a long while. I have seen so many simply say yes that is a sign, no its not too early. I am stating what I have experienced and read. Yes 5 dpo is too early. The amount of hsg released when the egg meets the sperm is NOT enough to cause pregnancy symptoms. Also the egg may not meet the sperm on the day of intercourse. Yell and bash all you want, but me I did not want everyone saying yes that is a pregnancy sign when it was not. Read up on google searches, not journals and such, but real medical books and advice. Even books like what to expect when you are expecting is a good source. But do not bash me and others, simply because we are giving advise that is not what you want to hear.


kailey - November 22

Sorry to disagree with you ,Lisa, but I am on my 6th pregnancy. I woke up on 3DPO with sore b___bs, went immediately to the bathroom and threw my guts up. I knew I was pregnant at that moment. 3 days later I got BFP. So, every woman is different.



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