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Livvie - April 12

Its Livvie...I cut and paste this here for u in case u couldn't find the other post... Hey Stace...I think you have some good signs...and if u are not this month, that does not mean n e thing is wrong cause it is just being anxious and can happen. From what my mom says and things I have read I dont think Ill ever truly know when I am preggers. Just gotta go with it. It will happen. Well, the other day my coworker said when she was preggers with both her sons she had the veins in the same exact spot I have them. On bottom of areola, shaped like and upside down U and top of areola as well. How funny is that. Well n e ways my mom convinced me that I am not preggers saying that it is my hormones cause I wasn't even "trying"...and she has a point, although my body is def. changed these past few weeks...but I got thinkin and I know now more than ever that if I wasn't preg. that I will be careful not to her preggers for a lil while and finish up school, get into the BOE and other things, so I can set up a life for a new I will learn something from this experience...and I must say however it is exciting and I got caught up in it. Well so anyways, when I visited my parents this weekend my mom gave me two Equate tests. So I figured what the I took one today (mind u I may oly be anyhere from 5-8 weeks maybe?) and I did it after dinner (very hydrated which may not have been good idea to test) and it came up as a defect or something. There are two windows and the one that is supposed to have the result had a faint horizontal line. If it was a faint vertical line I would say I am...but it was u believe anyways, I check out the pregnancy test forum just now and there is story after story of woman who test and test and test and all negatives and they end up really ebing preggers. So Stacey...even if this test worked right and was negative, I would still question it. I will re-test end of week. So never give up hope girl...since u r trying and u guys are ready for a little one right will certainly happen....Baby Dust your way and I will keep you posted....***By the way I have belly gowls and lots of burpin...boy o boy....Much Baby Dust your way....*****


stacey - April 12

Livvie- thanks for the repost :) I retested tonight- couldn't wait, but should have. Still getting BFN!! So, I am kind of in the same situation- atleast you have your mom to talk sense into you. I am starting to think I am not pregnant, and it's all in my head. Now if I'm not, just have to wait for af to show up- wish I'd either get a BFP or af soon so I can ttc again. If not this month, I am going to get one of those opk-w/ the computer that tells you if it's a good time to conceive. Enought about me...I can't believe your test was defective! I wouldn't have been able to stop after that one, I'd have to do the other. I have heard of that happeneing to people before- line going the wrong way. UGH! Why can't it just be easy! Oh, when I was pregnant before (m/c) I didn't realize I was pregnant..had a pain after dinner one night, but then my af was late so I took a test thinking why not. boom, pos. So, I don't know if I would feel the symptoms if I wasn't paying attention to/for them. Since then I have said I want to be one of those ignorant blissful people that doesn't realize they are pregnant until they are a few months along. Guess I'm either getting my wish b/c won't get pos. test, or I don't know. Well, I think I am going to try to take it day by day and just go with my temps...but the more I think about it, I feel my af should be coming...Keep me posted PLEASE!!


Livvie - April 13

Hi Stacey--well tell me, if u were, how far along would u be? I think u should wait a bit b4 re-testing...don't worry, it will happen. U are trying so just give it some time...but I would def. wt on the testing...also, is your af usually late? well for me...i wasn't thinkin about it and then of course...while changing...I see more mt's and areola's slightly larger. darn hormones....i dunno...i am gonna tke hpt friday morning, but u know the accurate r they really n e ways. well...will talk with u soon...i was gonna say I hope u r feeling good, but in this instance, shall I say hope u r feeling bad? (smile), well u know what I mean...dust your way hun.


stacey - April 14

LIVVIE- well, af is on her ugly way today :( My temps dropped and I had cramps all night. :( But, it really souds like something is going on with you! it's so terrrible that our bodies and minds can trick us like that :)


Livvie - April 14

Remember and cramps can occur while preg. Were the cramps bad? Let me know, and keep trying. After all, u did get alot of signs.


stacey - April 14

thanks :) Yeah, the cramps were bad. Not used to having them- never did before (but was on bc). sigh. I just went out and bought the clearblue opk monitor- will try that next month and see -better work for $250!!! after you buy the monitor and sticks- high way robbery- but worth it if it works :)


stacey - April 15

Livvie????? anything going on yet? Did you test this am???


livvie - April 15

stacey- didn't have enough pee. i dont drink much water b4 bed b/c then i keep feeling like I gotta pee. I am shooting again for tomorrow. well my af is late but that in itself is not a sign (cause if it were 'on time', I would wonder)...& other than that it seems I may have a bit more mt's. Well, I'll post again this weekend. Did u get the full af, if so how is it? Wow--250.00???


stacey - April 15

this morning it seemed to be regular, but seems to have slowed, have to check tomorrow am- but I think normally I slow at night. I keep hoping though. Yeah, expensive huh??? Better work :)


stacey - April 17

Livvie? Did you retest?


livvie - April 17

Stacey---retested and got a bfn. The thing is i am not totally convinced by it. u know the I am sure u read all the stories. there is a lady on another forum who says she still thinks i am because she got all the same signs and got bfn untill 10 weeks i think. this is so crazy. i suppose until af comes, and comes full force at that....i will be wondering. i have one more box of equate tests so i will retest in a few days again. they were only 6 bucks for 2 boxes so i may as well. i will keep you posted along the way and i hope u will keep me posted as well on this post. how are you? how is af?


stacey - April 18

af was very short. Thursday light, Friday normal, then random spotting until today. Last night however, all these veins came out- hubby and I were amazed!! I have never seen so many on me before! also, my back still hurts. Don't know what's going on!


Livvie - April 18

Stacey---Hellloooo girl, that's VERY good. Where are the veins and has your af eva been that short? And will they refund u that 250.00? Either way, haha...outlook is in your favor...take one step at a time, and also keep in mind the accuracy issues with the hpt's etc. And I am serious...about refunding that 250.00 (smile)


stacey - April 18

I will need to test hpt tonight- I think b/c of my temps that I am not pregnant, but can't explain the back pain and veins. Interesting to say the least. Wondering if you could have a period and be ectopic pregnancy? No, they won't refund the $$ b/c dumb me opened everything to see it. Really doubt I am, but I'll see later :)


Livvie - April 18

Stacey- I read a lot that people get their periods almost the normal amoutn through the first few months of unless u have severe back pains I wouldn't worry yourself about ectopic preg. Now...was the af ever light before? As far as testing, I think you may wanna wait until morning. How far along would u be again? Keep me posted and good luck. Keep your mind on positive things :)


stacey - April 18

Livvie- well, of course I tested and it was a bfn!! I can't imagine what's going on. But, for now b/c of neg hpt and temps, I am resigning to say I am NOT pregnant. Body must just be out of whack! How are you doing?


livvie - April 19

stacey--- hi. well i am feeling ok. no af yet,it neva comes on time anyways, so now, of course, it will pull it's infamous 'extreme lateness'...well as far as 'signs', i still have some discharge and the bbs change (color, veins, etc.) so i dunno. i am gonna just finish the last two tests i have (one next week and then one after that i guess) until she comes with a vengence! as for you, i think testing now may be too soon, plus u tested at night. i am still with the fact u said it was light, unless u have been light before. keep postin'!



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