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lack of class - February 23

Yet another show of "lack of class" by SugarPie! Good luck, seriously - you will need it. PS: Great comment about priests and ministers. I am sure God smiled on you for that statement.


SugarPie the Cla__sless - February 23

Sorry. It is reality. I'm a g-d fearing woman, but I do not believe in handing over money to people who say they're called by the Lord and abuse their power and priviledge! Call me what you want, but I believe that a leader needs to do more for his "sheep" than "fleece" and emotionally abuse them. I'm not saying all ministers or all priests are like this, but there are definitely a bunch who need to stop treating the church like a business and start treating it like a community haven (which it should be).


nevermind - February 23

I refuse to carry on with a person who feels the way you do anout God and his chosen people. People here need luck and prayer, not a bad luck charm like you. Do everyone a favor and don't try to help them - you will just bring bad luck - this conversation is over.


SugarPie - February 23

Why am I bad luck? Because I believe in G-d? Because I believe that people need to stop using people who love the Lord for money and start being held accountable for their actions? I've been knee deep in a relationship with G-d for over 20 years. That makes me a bad luck charm? (smile).. I love how you're supposedly a Christian and you have absolutely the most cruelest of hearts. If you're a Christian then just love, Girlfriend. Don't judge. Don't hate. Just love and accept. It's not about you. As long as your house in order, don't worry about others. Isn't that what the Bible says? Or have you not picked one up in a while?


SugarPie - February 23

P.S. ~ If you're up on the "Bible" then you would know that those who are referred to as "The Chosen People" are Jews.. not Christians. Christians are considered proselytes and are treated as "The Chosen" which are JEWS. But then you're probably one of those who thinks that the Jews are going to go to hell, because they don't call Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour. You're a prime example of how ignorance isn't blissful. Much love**** You need some love.


E - February 23

Some of the people here DO need luck and prayer b/c they don't have a single neuron that fires properly. All of this talk about religion is... well, I had better keep my opinion to myself in fear of you God-fearing churchies who might crucify me for my views.


SugarPie - February 23

E: I believe in G-d. Didn't say I go to church. That stopped years ago. I don't believe that G-d is solely in a building. G-d is everywhere. I'm far from "religious". I'm spiritual. And I believe that anyone and everyone should believe in who they deem their higher power. That is none of my business. I've gotten my faith from a variety of religions. Taoism, Hinduism and even Buddhism. So, don't link me up with some "fundamentalist". I'm far from it.


E - February 23

I wasn't slamming you SP, just so you know:)


SugarPie - February 23

E: Oh.. okay! Thank you. I just didn't want to look like some "fundamentalist" nut like the heifer who had the audacity to call me cla__sless. Much love, Mama!****


E - February 23

Much love back!! I know who the freakevangelists are on this forum.


nicole - February 23

Yea Im a very spiritual person, My uncle was the pastor of my church, and we attended every session whether it was all week or not. But things are not how they used to be back in those days. We have people getting beat in some churches like its a cult, others molested, raped and all sorts of things. I agree with Sugar-pie. When invited I often attend a church, but haven't found one to call home yet. With my last experience....the pastor had some kind of control issues over the church members. Who they a__sociate with, marry and etc. There are some great churches out there, but the majority aren't.


Good Job - February 23

"Lack of cla__s" Well said! No cla__s at all


MandyD - February 23

WTH do you all think SugarPie said that makes her have a "lack of cla__s"?? She is one of the only true, real people in this place, and I've never seen her be anything but kind & helpful. Where do you all get off?!


Anonmyous - February 23

Yeah i have really enjoyed sugar pies advice and posting back and forth with her. Now im starting wonder what kind of person she really is.


- - February 23

she's fake


MandyD to anonymous - February 23

Why would you wonder now what kind of person Sugarpie really is??? It doesn't matter what all these insecure, inconsiderate losers who have nothing better to do than get all rampant on somebody think? I would never let some incompetent moron,such as some of the women who are dissing SugarPie, change my opinion of someone! That makes me wonder what kind of person you might be. You have to go with what you know, and if you know she's been sweet & helpful, then that's what matters. Don't let others make your opinions for you for goodness sake!


Resonse to - - February 23

yeah im starting, to get that... i love how she acts like shes out for your best intrests, but the ways she has been treating some of the women on this Forum is disturbing, her and Mandy D.



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