To Sugarpie

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J - March 1

hiya u remember me i told u a few days ago about my sore nipples and other symptoms. Well i took your advice and went to a clinic today and found out im roughly 15wks gone and didnt know. just sayin thanks for your help. any luck with your testing? x


izzy - March 1

congrats J..... so i'm a__suming hpt where neg?


lyla - March 1

Wow, congrats on your BFP!


SugarPie - March 1

Omg!! How wonderful!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! 15 weeks?! You go girl! I haven't had a test in some days, but I'll be going to the doctor's tomorrow. So keep fingers crossed! I'm so glad that you found out!!! Much love and many congrats!****


J - March 1

I did a test in jan which came back negative which made me think i wasnt pregnant. The symptoms were still there and of course no period so i went 2day! it's still not sank in yet and probably wont until my scan!


MandyD - March 1

Congrats J!!! You gonna find out what it is? Good luck with everything - so happy for you!! : )


J - March 1

Thanks sugarpie and good luck with yours xxx


J - March 1

I should be havin a scan in about 5 wks and i definately want to know the s_x. I wanna start shopping for baby clothes straight away to make it seem real!


MandyD - March 1

Isn't it sooo exciting J?? Shopping for baby clothes, and nursery stuff?! I had so much fun with my sister when she was pg - I love it!! Can't wait to do it for myself!! Best of luck again! Keep us posted. : )


mulgajill - March 1

Congratulation J.... 15 weeks.... you're on your way!!! And Sugar Pie... look forward to hearing how your appointment goes....


SugarPie - March 1

Mulga, I'm excited to find out myself! That said, J, would it be too much to ask you to write your symptoms and days/times that you tested over the past d__n near four months for the ladies who are waiting and hoping and wondering? Thank you! Much love*****


Phantom Lurker - March 1

I would also like to know how many tests were neg. and what your symtoms are. Today will officially be the 2nd month of a missed period, and I feel so pregnant. It took 8 weeks for me too get a positive with my previos pregnancy 2 yrs ago, and Im soooo hopeing that It is the same case here. I have not tested in a few weeks.


~m~ - March 1

YAAAAAYYYYYYY J!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! I can't believe you are that far along!! You're already out of the first trimester!! Awesome!! Congrats and best of luck to you!!!! :o)


Trixie - March 2

hiiiiiiiii J... i cudnt log in today whole day.. n now when i logged in.. this is so good to hear ur good news... way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy the next few months Lotsa love to u... n ur bundle of joy!



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