To Test Or Not To Test

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sara b - May 2

Hi everyone. I have the mirena IUD. I am late for my AF and feel pg. I took a test a few days ago and it was negative. Last night and today I had brown cm and I was wondering if this might be implantation bleeding. If it is then how long will it take before I can get a positive test? Today I fell asleep at work and I have to pee every hour on the dot. I just know I am but I don't want to call the doctor unless I get a + test or have any signs of it maybe being ectopic. Any advice on when to test or if this sounds like implantation? Thanks.


sara b - May 2

Please... someone?


Lin - May 2

I agree with not calling the doc right away. There were a few women who reported periods stopping or decreasing with the mirena IUD on another thread. Was that your thread? Anyway, definitely take a test, if for nothing else than to ease your mind. If that were implantation, then you should be able to get a positive result within a few days, but if you're using the expensive store-bought tests, then you might want to wait a week just to make sure it'll be accurate. Good luck, whatever result you're hoping for!


mtnla__s - May 2

I had the Mirena for two and half years. After a few months my period was barely noticable but I did know that I was ovulating. I would wait a week or two then test again. You may have a cyst that is making your body feel that way, which isn't a bad a cyst just a cyst. Once that diminishes your body won't feel pregnant anymore. They do recommend taking a test if your period stops just in case. But do see your doctor if you feel concerned. If you have a good doctor then she/he should understand. I loved the Mirena and will get it again. Just a word if you want to have another child.. see your doctor fairly soon after you have it taken out if you haven't conceived. I waited over a year and my cnm said that the Mirena thins our your lining. Good luck!


Jenny - May 2

Sara b I think I have talked you once before! Anyways is this your first month coming off of the iud? If so their is really no way to tell when your next af will be due. It took 3 months untill I started have reg. afs. If think that you might have had implantation bleeding then it might show up on a test two days later.



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