To The Pot Heads In Denial

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what the ? - December 30

I cannot believe the conversation about weed in another posting. In this day and age research is so readily available, and yet, we take the time to debate such stupidity based on our own opinions. I have the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" on page60 it specifically states" the possible effects on your baby with the use of hash or weed are:ADD, ADHD, memory problems, and impaired decision making ability. If you want to go through your life stoned, by all means, go ahead - but to involve a helpless child in sharing your addiction is the most selfish decision one can make.


anon - December 30

Your right-research is readily available, and maybe you should do some. Getting information from more than three sources is recommended when writing a research paper so don't you think that getting information from just one is slightly biased??


mary - December 30

im was a pot head and i even quit when i got pregnant and never went back i guess some people grow up and some don't.


Cyndi - December 30

Anon - I have been reading these posts about the weed thing - and I have also researched it. It can cause the above mentioned conditions. Time to grow up, as Mary puts it and - stop defending addictions or rationalizing why it is ok to compromise your child's health for your own needs. Selfish people shouldnot have children. They put their own needs ahead of thier children - and just from the comments on this posting by Anon and others on the other posting proves it. Oh well - most addicts deny they have a problem. After all, admittence is one step in recovery. Obviously, some aren't ready to take that step.


mary - December 30

cyndi said it well


what the? - December 30

Anon - obviously you haven't researched the readily available information. I can give you many more sources if you would like to to take interest in something or should I say someone (you potential child) other than youself and own needs and wants. Let me know if you would like the information - I will be more than happy to help educate you.


uuuhok - December 31

here are some websites & books which may help educate some of you on the uses of marijuana during pregnancy. for each of the websites, scroll down to find the bit about pregnancy & the other stuff too though, it's interesting too (even for the non-pot-smoker). for all the women reading this, i will say that i understand this from both points of view & hopefully this will help ease some of the nastiness this debate has created. ignorance is such a harsh word to throw around, especially with those you don't know. let's just play nice, help each other out and each her own. here are those websites: and the books are: Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence by Mitchell Earleywine and Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts: A Review Of The Scientific Evidence by Lynn Zimmer, John P. Morgan



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