To Ummmm And All Those Who Are Immature

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A - November 23

Just stop, it's not appreciated or necessary. This is not a post for kids who are bored after school while their parents are at work. It's for women who have pregnancy questions and need support. Go find something else to occupy your time, and stop wasting ours


I second that A - November 23

Seems like we have a ton of immature people on this site.


Enough - November 23

Okay legit ladies, let's try to ignore those stupid immature posts and not let them get bumped to the top. By answering, we're giving them the "thrill" they seem to seek. Also, as much as some of it infuriates me, let's try ignoring the immature, idiotic responses on legit threads. This is a great site, minus a handful of idiots!


*X* - November 23

Why don't those of you who are being stalked by people who use your names just all go jointly to another forum where you must register before you post? People are much less likely to stalk you on that type of forum, since they can't just make a new name every time they post. Try in particular to find a forum that is well moderated. Problem solved.


Enough - November 23

Okay, I said not to do this but... Why should the nice normal people leave? I believe "X" is one of "The Others" (just like on "Lost") :)


*X* - November 23

Right. At least I've been helping people out with advice - those who are scared or confused or nervous and just want some different opinions. I haven't seen you give much. FFS, I was trying to give you some honest advice. You wouldn't have to deal with your stalker on a forum with *real* moderators that don't let such things happen. I wasn't telling you to get lost but suggesting a good alternative. Don't categorize me as one of your "others" just because I believe in giving people an honest opinion rather than b__wing smoke up their a__s and telling them that everyone's opinion is as good as the next.


hmmm - November 23

this is very interesting topic I see.



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