To Women You Ve Gotten BFP Or Had Children

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Curious - November 10

Did you have cramping as an early sign of pregnancy-like before you got the bfp??? I don't know when I'm supposed to get my af, probably by now, it's CD 44 and the last couple days I've had mild af cramps, but I NEVER get af cramps before she shows up whether I was on the pill or not. I've taken a couple hpts...all negative...but it may've been too early bc I don't know when I ovulated as this is my first cycle off the pill?? Not getting too excited, don't wanna get my hopes up for dissappointment...Any input would be greatly appreciated


Curious - November 10

Wow, I'm tired...that should say WHO"VE gotten...


Jeanette - November 10

Yes,curious. I am 10 days past my period and have been having lower abdominal cramps. Not as painful as before my period, but very similar. This will be my 4th pregnancy if it is positive, and i have always had these cramps in early pregnancy.


staci - November 10

yes i had cramping as an early sign w/my 1st...also when did you test last? when i came off the pill it took me 31days (had 21daycycles on the pill) to get af...sounds like to me you may have a great chance at being pg..but then again it could be just late af, 44 days is long! i would test again, then if bfn call your dr. office and see what they think you should do...good luck! hope it turns out you are pg!


jeanette - November 10

to Staci: tested today...couldnt wait! BFN! gonna wait for early morning urine to test again. I really know I am, but i want that confirmation, ya know? Tonight I had a little pink spotting, just once...with stretchy mucus. Sounds like the ole IB to me...and backache, headaches, tingling nipples, break outs, I cant seem to drink coffee anymore...and hotwings are like an orgasm to me...LOOOOL!! sound pg, dont I?


Curious - November 10

I tested last yesterday, with a digital readout test, I think ept certainty??? The Pregnant/Not Pregnant one..I already made a doctors appointment for the 19th, so far away!!!! I just noticed my b___sts are more veiny so maybe that's a good sign. But my last cycle right after my last pill I never got my af so I had to take provera and now here we are again with no period...I do have a lot of cm. I thought I got my period today and rushed to the bathroom for nothing, just cm..i hope the cramps are a good sign.


Ashley - November 10

I just got my BFP last night and again this morning!!! And I had lower abdominal cramps the day before I was due to get af so I thought for sure I would start the next day but didn't so took a test and bfp. Two days prior took a test and it was neg. Hope that gives somebody some hope...Good Luck!!


Curious - November 10

Thanks Ashley...It gives me hope, I just wish I knew when af was due?? That's so exciting for you. I think I'll test again tomorrow a.m....I'm going to DC over the weekend to visit friends and I don't want to drink if I don't know! THis is hard..bad time to plan a trip!


Deb - November 11

I had mild cramping several days before AF was due, but the month before I had the same cramping and AF showed up. So, I don't know how reliable this symptom is. I had never had cramping before.



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