To Worry Or Not To

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SH - December 9

I am not sure what to think so I would really appreciate any advice. I on the second month of the pill. I missed a couple at the beginning - and had unprotected s_x around then. I was really good about taking the pill the rest of the month. I spotted brown for 4 days a week before my period was due - which was yesterday and so far nothing. I have been mildly cramping, tired, heavy br___ts and eating all the time. please help.


to sh - December 9

i would test to be sure.


SH - December 9

thanks for your response.


nicky - December 10

it could be the pill since it is only your second month on it.


X - December 10

You can always take a test, if you want to be absolutely sure. When I was on the pill, my period sometimes wouldn't start until the fourth or fifth day of period pills.


amyp - December 10

you could be pg but the brown could be just from messing the pills up..i would test and see what happens, but i think you are okay the signs you are talking about can also be PMS or af coming? good luck


SH - December 10

thanks to all of you for your help. i ended up getting a light brown period late last night. it's not as heavy as normal and we'll see how long it lasts. it doesnt feel like a normal period if that makes any sense.... but i am sure y'all are right and it's probably due to the pill. i really dislike the pill but i have to be on it - i miscarried months ago fairly early on and it messed up my cycle badly so the doctors are trying to regulate me again.


suzieQ - December 11

when you first start the pill, you might get spotting between periods. But you did have s_x, so testing was a good idea :) best wishes


SH - December 13

well i took a test and it came back negative. my question to those of you who have ever been on BC pills - how light to they make your periods? mine normally are really heavy and last for 6-7 days - this one was super light and only lasted 3. is this normal? i am still sleeping all the time, my back hurts and i get random headaches in the middle of the night.



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