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Jori - March 3

Good Morning everyone! Today is my trip to the Dr. to find out if there is a baby growing inside me. I have had irregular periods for the last 3 months and i have felt sooo pregnant. I have every pregnancy sympton ever known. If i'm not pregnant, and when i finally am, it is going to feel like the longest pregnancy in history. Its not fair to feel pregnant when your not. But hopefully my dreams come true today and the dr sees something in there. I have only taken one hpt and it was negative. Negative results run in my family, so i'm still hopefull. Wish me luck. Baby dust to all!!!!!


Smiley - March 3

Good luck Jori. I wish the best for you.


xx - March 3

good luck!al the baby dust ever lol ***************************************************************************************************************************************


xx - March 3

when are you going to the doc's?


Jori - March 3

I have a 2:00pm appt. (I'm in NY)


xx - March 3

o cool,hehe im from the uk,so time is a bit diff here,but all the best! x


Jamie - March 3

You have all my best wishes, may God be with you :-) Keep us posted!!!!


Kerri - March 3

Good luck to you and BABY DUST soon!!!


Jori - March 4

Well i am not pregnant. Here's the story.... I went off birth control Jan 2004. My periods were normal up until Dec 2004. In Dec, Jan, and Feb my periods were totally irregular. They were very heavy one day and light the rest. In Dec it came 10 days early and was very heavy. And in Jan and Feb it was closer to on time. I was also getting pains on my right and left sides near my ovaries. So my Dr said that it looks like i didn't ovulate all last year until Dec. And i have been feeling pregnant lately because i'm just starting to ovulate and my body isn't used to it. She took blood from me to check my progestrone levels to see if i ovulated this month. And if i'm not ovulating she can give me pills to start me ovulating again. Well i'm dissappointed that i was trying for a year but i'm happy now that i know everything is in working order. So all of you out there that have been trying for a long time, and you were once on bc, go to your dr and see if your ovulating, otherwise you will waste your time like i did for a year.


sarie_gracie - March 4

Jori -- sorry to hear of your dissapointment but it is good to hear that everything is in "working order"!!! My dr. appt. is at 2:40 today..... And we will find out what the flip is going on hopefully.... I would be sooooo stoked if I got a bfp - I think hubby would be too!!! Are you going to keep ttc? Good luck!! ***baby dust ***


carol - March 4

Jori - sorry for your sad news, but thank you so much for the info - I have an appt on the 30th since I went off the pill in Dec I have started growng cysts and I will ask then about the ovulation thing - it might save a lot of women a lot of heartache. Good luck to you!


Jori - March 4

Carol, I asked my dr about cysts because i used to get them many years ago and that is the reason why i began bc to begin with. And she said cysts are a sign of fertility and they actually help with conceiving, and they have no effect on a pregnancy what so ever.


kayla - September 14

I took a home test, and it gave a positive result but i do not feet pregnant. how do i know for sure if the test was right



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