Told Not Pregnant But Was

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Lynn - April 5

I want to know if anyone out there was told they weren't pregnant by their dr, but later found out they were. I also want to know at how many weeks you were when you knew for sure. I need to know because I have pregnancy symptoms and even look pregnant, but the dr says I'm not. I would have been at about 10 wks when I went to see the OBGYN. I know it's not psychological, because I'm still having a period, but each month it has been shorter and lighter. The main thing I am worried about is that the dr couldn't explain the swelling, shorter periods, and other symptoms. If anyone has experienced this plz respond.


sian - April 5

hi lynn, im having pregnancy symptoms and the weirdest periods, i always have heavy periods that last days but lately they are light not even filling th epad and last 2-3 days the blood is brown goo. my stomach feels harder. i havent seen my doc cause he will say im imaginning it. trust me im not. hang in there we no our bodys best!


bump - April 7



D - April 7

There are other things that can cause these symptoms than pregnancy. I would get a second opinion. If it is pregnancy, Yay! -- if it were something bad, you may want to have treatment sooner than later. Good luck!


Lynn - April 8

Dr did a pelvic and said everything was fine. She had no explaination for the symptoms. I think I might go to another dr if my next "period" is lighter than the last.


sian - April 8

my doctor also said it was nothing. i wasnt very impressed as he just pa__sed it off without doing anything, as soon as i said id had a "period" (even though i explained its not normal) he was fobbing me off.


kim - April 8

Ladies, you need to have your hormone levels checked. In a reggular Pap Smear they test for cervical cancer and feel for abnormalities. If it is hormones causing you to feel this way a Pap wouldn't tell. Get educated about your bodies and go see a Gyno.


stacey - April 8

Yeah, I would ask for blood tests, ultrasounds something until they explain why you are getting shese symptoms!!


Lynn - April 10

I'm still ahving symptoms of pregnancy. My abdomen is now big enough for maternity pants, even though I'd only be about 12 wks. I am going to make an appt with a different OBGYN and see what happens. Maybe I'll lie and say I haven't had a period since Jan. I think that as soon as you say you have a period, no matter how abnormal, the drs automatically believe you are not pregnant and won't do anything but a urine test (which doesn't always show that you are pregnant.)


kat - April 10

im also going through the same thing,docs wont give me a scan though,im getting the same response as you because of my periods.(are you the lynn ive spoke to before on lighter/shorter periods?)


Lynn - April 11

Yes. Since I'm still having symptoms after the dr said I'm not preg. and everything is normal, I'm setting up an appt w a different dr. Especially since my abdomen is larger than it was when I went to the dr (and I know it's not fat because I only gained 2 1/2 pounds since Feb.), and I'm now a lot ga__sier (the embarrasing kind.) Hopefully, this dr will do a blood test or an ultrasound.


Melissa - April 12

I am kinda going thru the same thing, the only thing is my hpt said I was pregant (two of them) and when I took the blood test, it said neg, dr did a exam and said my uterus was not soft so he did not feel like I was pregant. My belly is bigger, only in the belly like it did in my other pregancies. I have done alot of research and my dr told me that your puritary (sp) gland can make your body think you are pregant and not be, I read up on the gland and there a number of things that can cause this, including a tumor. I am waiting on some test to come back to see what is going on. I am now over two weeks late, he gave me a pill to bring on my a/f, but I did not want to take it uncase I am preggo. My post is "can a dr be wrong" Good luck to you if you are wanting this baby.


Terriyanna Isom - April 13

Yeah, I went to two different hospitals and they told me I wasn't pregnant. Finally, I went to a gynecologist and I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant. That whole time I was pregnant and the pregnancy test kept coming back negative. Believe what you think! my email is [email protected] let me know what happened


Lynn - April 13

I also forgot to mention I've been having cravings for certain foods-pineapple juice, peanut b___ter, honey wheat pretzels, and KFC(not at the same time). Usually, I crave chocolate and can eat a lot at one time without getting nauseous. Lately, though, I can do without it and if I do eat some, if it is more than a handfull of m&ms I get nauseous. Also, my cat, who is usually standoffish, lately has been coming up to me on the bed and "fluffing" me (you know, the thing that kittens do when they want their mother to produce milk). I just hope I can find a more thorough OBGYN, because this waiting is a nightmare!


jasmine - May 18

lynn, i am going through the exact same thing. I would be about 9 weeks now. i have had so many symptoms and still having them. my stomach has started to swell(where my uterus is). It's even a little hard. I've had pregnancy test that keep coming back negative. the doctors can't explain why this is all happening to me. I just know that i am pregnant. I know my own body. I've also been having shorter lighter periods too. Don't worry lynn you are not the only one. Hopefully we both, or any other women that are going through this will find out the reason for all of this. And hopefully it will be a good reason. :-) best of luck to you.


Jennifer - May 18

Hi! I am kind of going through the same thing right now. For several months, I've suspected pregnancy and even took a blood test in Feb. which came out negative. I even still had periods through April, but they were unusual compared to my normal cycle. Last month, it was really light and only lasted 2 1/2 days. This month I skipped and only had what seemed to be implantation, because it was only when I wiped. My stomach has been poofing out since around Easter, but I thought maybe it was my imagination since I am overweight, but no, it's growing! Since I missed my period which was due no later than around 5/14, I tested on 5/16 and it came out positive! I went to my doctor today and he referred me to an OB/GYN, since I have never been to one before! I had to have a phone interview with her today and she is going by my light period from last month, so she said I'm too early to see anything on the Ultrasound until June 1st. So in the meantime, I don't know how far along I am...I feel like at least 8 weeks, but by that date, she said that was around the 8-week point, so maybe it's only 6's frustrating to tell my family I'm pregnant and not even know how far along I am! I know what you mean about doctors b__wing you off, because my doctor just said to me today, "Oh, well if you took 2 tests and they came out positive you probably are pregnant." Then he gave me a referral. Other times when I thought I was, he would always ask if I had a period. When I said I had, he just said, "Oh well, if you had a period, then you're probably not pregnant." I have had sore b___bs and been really tired and emotional lately. How far along are you?


angel - May 18

hi.. i have a 3 year old... i was 7 weeks before i found out.. not sure if i had a period... but i did do lots of preg tests and they were negative.. but i had a baby... have u done a blood test? the only way i found out i was pregnant was i started to throw up... and did a test at dr and found out i was preg... 7 weeks



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