Too Early For Symptoms

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niknik - November 21

I have had mild cramping, small but annoying headaches, and my bbs are really sore. I have been somewhat tired but no too bad. Could these be signs or is it too early and I am just paranoid?


camile - November 21

sounds like symptoms to me


lisa - November 21

I know people are going to yet again get mad at the truth, but depending on how any days until af, or past o, it may be too early. You physically cannot get symptom 1-5 days past o.....


ashley - November 21

Hi niknik, I had sore b___bs about a week after O day. That was my dead giveaway! I had O type cramps from O on even now at a week past missing af. But my b___bs hurt so bad. They almost like burned. I tested at 9dpo with an early preg test and it came up with a BFP and its come up BFP every day since.


to lisa - November 21

You should really know your facts before answering some bodies question. The egg almost from the moment of conception gives off HCG in small amounts to signal the corpus luteum to make pregesterone to continue the nourishment of the uterus lining in preperation for the egg that will be soon implanting. Some woman are more sensitive to HCG than others. That is why some woman have morning sickness and some dont.


niknik - November 21

Thanks ashley, camile, lisa, I'm not exaclty sure when I ovulated though. I think it was last week sometime. My worst symptom, if it is a symptom, is bbs they hurt all day long and heaven forbid anyone accidentaly run into me. Thanks you guys. I may have something different to ask you girls later.


to niknik - November 21

yes! I had all of the symptoms you are describing starting 7-8 dpo. Good luck to you....Lisa,who said anything about 1-5dpo? Go post somewhere else...these ladies need some encouragment!


I agree with Lisa - November 21

I am also getting tired with people not wanting to hear the truth. Niknik asked for our opinion, not for our encouragement. I have seen a ton of people saying they think they have symptoms at 4 or 5dpo, which I'm sorry "to lisa" is impossible to feel. All of the early symptoms people feel are also AF symptoms. I got sore b___bs after O every month I was ttc. In fact, the month I got pregnant, my b___bs were NOT sore. Strange, huh? Give Lisa a break, she was only stating her opinion, and just because it is not the opinion you want to hear, doesn't mean you should bash her for it.



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