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Tracy L - March 24

Hi, I am not due for my period until this weekend. I've not been getting my usual symptons that I normally have before a period. I did a test last weekend, which showed negative. (do they show positive tha early?) I have been getting sore nipples, and feel tired. I seem bloated too. Am I pregnant?


LN030905 - March 24

have you recently came off birth control?


Emma2 - March 24

Good question...if you ask your dr. just by giving these symptoms he will not be able to answer you either. The only real confirmation you will be able to get is through a test. You can test again today if you are pregnant then implantation occured begining of this week and HCG hormones is detecable now...If it's still negative I say wait for your period to come, if she doesnt show then test again.


Tracy L - March 24

I came off the pill back in Aug last year. By me doing that test (must admit it wasn't one of the leading brands) so early would it not show? Was it too early to test?


otaku_femme - March 24

hi tracy--i'm in the same boat as you exactly. i keep getting neg's b/c it's too early to test, but i'm having symptoms and none of the usual PMS ones. let me know what happens!


Tracy L - March 24

Hiya, I'm so anxious about it that I tested too early thinking it would tell me, then it came out neg, so was upste but thinking was it too early to show!! Friends tell me that it shows straight away which I thought was not true! I have no pm symptons which is unusual. I'm keeping fingers crossed and I'll keep them crossed for you too. xx


AudreyC - March 24

If you are pregnant, a home pg test will not show a result until a day or two before you expect your period to show up (if it's a sensitive test). If you suspect you're pregnant, test every two or three days starting this weekend. Best wishes!


Emma2 - March 24

tracy...yes it was too early to test last week. You can test with a more sensitive test 4 days before your expected period but not earlier ..


lalogurlsteph - March 24

im 5 days late for my period, having alot of symptoms but all my tests come out negitive, is it still possible for me to be pregnant?


Tracy L - March 24

Thanks for your help. I was egged on by a friend to do the test, telling me that it shows straight away! I'm getting small kinda sharp pains in my right bb, left one nothing really, but both nipples feel sore and kinda stinging. Would that be right? I normally have realy achey bbs near period but don't have that, and also get munchies, which I've not got either.


Tracy L - March 25

Did another test today... came out negative! Oh well, hope for better luck next time.



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