Too Early To Tell

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Elle - October 25

I am still a week and two days away from my period but have been feeling very strange - bloated, gassy and crampy today, like my period is just about to start. I have had waves of queasiness now and then. My cycles are regular and my husband and I are trying. Is it too early to tell or could these be early signs? Don't want to get my hopes up!


Katherine - October 26

I think that it's far too early to guess. I am now a week late but am convinced that I am talking myself into the symptoms especially after reading this website. I think my b___bs are sore from feeling them so much cause I want to be pregnant.... don't start thinking about it yet, it's tourture I tellyou. Good luck my dear. I wish you the best.


Viv - October 26

I think you can get your hopes up a little. The next few days may convince you even more, but a positive test will be the final answer. I would wait a week after missed period to avoid disappointment from false negative test(and waste of money)


Ashley - October 26

Elle, thats the same boat I am in. I am not due for about another week and the only symptoms I am having are ones before my period, but they are way to early. I always feel bloated lately, ga__sy and I usually have VERY bad cramps, but latelly I am having small ones. I am not getting sick, but I have waves of queasiness, sometimes in the car, but I have never been one to have car sickness, and I am not wanting to eat more, I actually want to eat less.


Saille - October 26

It could very well be that your period is getting ready to start. It could also be that you are pregnant. I felt a little strange about one and a half weeks before my period was due, so I decided to go for a blood test (we were trying after all). The lab tech looked at me a bit strange when she heard that my last period was only 2.5 weeks ago, but sure enough I was pregnant. I was having early signs! So, if you want to know for sure, I'd recommend getting a blood test. They can pick up even the lowest levels of hCG hormones, which means you probably would want to wait until about a week following the day you think you conceived. Good luck!


Elle - October 26

Thanks for all the great advice. I am still feeling very much like my period is about to arrive, though I've never felt such symptoms so early. I have some moments when I feel like something must be up, but then sometimes when I feel like I'm just psyching myself out. Can't ignore the early crampiness, though.


K - October 26

Hey, I think it is very possible, but could also just be yourself believing that you're pregnant. I had the same symptoms a week I was due to get my prd too and I turned out to be pregnant so you never know. take a test if you want..mine showed positive before I missed my prd. but it wouldn't be unlikely to get a false negative either, like Viv said. :) good luck


Elle - October 27

Ashley, glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. How have you been feeling lately? I'm still very bloated and ga__sy and feeling like my period is about to start. All of these symptoms come and go but seem to be worst in the morning and evening. I was going to test on Halloween, but I think that might be too early to test. My prd is due on the 3rd. Why is ga__siness and bloating symptoms of pregnancy? Just curious.


Ashley - October 28

Hi Elle, I am feeling ok. My symptoms defintely come and go to, I no longer have cramps my bloating feels to have subbsided or I just got used to it. But as for being ga__sy and burping that seems to have doubled, and I have no idea why those are signs!


Elle - October 28

Ashley, sounds like we are REALLY in the same boat. My bloating and cramps have subsided, but the ga__siness has kept up. I want to take a pg test Sunday (prd is due Wed) but it's probably too early. It's hard to wait though!


Heather - October 29

i am in the same boat as you, I ovulated on the 20th and have been been making myself crazy wondering if I am or not. I have the traditonal symptoms but then again this would be my first pregnancy and I might be mistaking them. I have been testing everydsy for a week even though I knwo it is to early, I am very impatient. I am due on the 2nd-6th of November for my period. So I am hoping and praying for all of us to get BFP!!!


citrouille - October 30

me too, I ovulated around same time and have been having signs... my period's due around the 2nd or 3rd.. I'm so impatient too, I did a blood test today and I'll have the results Tuesday.. I really hope it's positive!!


Elle - October 30

Heather & Citroulle, so nice to hear of others in the same boat! My symptoms have really subsided, but I don't think that means much. One of my friends said she never had ANY early signs when she was pg (not even sore b___sts). I think it's easy to convince yourself that you are b/c you want it so badly. I'm taking an early pg test tomorrow morning, so I will definitely come back and let you guys know. Please do the same for me.


citrouille - October 30

Elle and Heather - well sounds like all three of us are in the same boat. I keep thinking that some of these 'signs' I've been feeling are in my head! My husband and I have only started trying this month so in a way it would be surprising if I got preg the first month... I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but my fingers are crossed. Let me know about your results, I'll come on and tell you mine, good or bad...


paris - October 30

I been have all the signs as you guys and I keep telling myself its all in my head. I know I get tingling feeling in my b___st before my peroid but this time it tingling even more and it hurts a little bit. I have headache im bloated and im hoping im pragnant. My period is not to the 6. Good to you guys who are trying.


Elle - October 31

Citrouille, this is my husband and my first attempt too! I have read many things that say it's rare to conceive the first time around, so we shouldn't feel badly if it's not happening now. I took an early pg test this morning - negative. That doesn't really tell me to much since it could very easily be way too early. I will just have to wait until Wed. to see if my prd arrives. I am not really feeling my normal symptoms of my prd coming on, but then again, I am so sick of thinking about every twinge I feel, who knows WHAT I'm really feeling! If it's not this month, I think next month I will keep track of my BBT to try and pinpoint ovulation. I'll keep you posted as the week progresses, though.


citrouille - October 31

Elle- i know exactly how you feel. This waiting and uncertaintly is killing me. Now I'm starting really to think that I'm just imagining symptoms.. My b___sts aren't swollen or anything but recently my nipples have started hurting and it looks like I have more little bumps, but not sure. I feel crampy but I guess that could be my period coming. Hard to say. What do you think?



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