Too Early To Test

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Stefanie - March 11

I have been ttc for 3 months now and AF is due March 14th. I haven't had really any early signs at all but I was too anxious to wait so I took an early hpt this morning and it was negative! I am wandering, do you think it was still too early to test or is it safe to say AF is on her way? Sorry I know there are probably a million posts like this one but I am soooo sad! Opinions please!


Layla - March 11

I'm in a similar boat. AF is due on the 14th. I could say I have symptoms but it may be wishful thinking. I took 4 tests already all neg from what I can tell. Two were EPT +/- both turned out with a slight vertical but it developed after 8min. so it could have beed those evaporation lines which I keep hearing about. It may still be too early..good luck Stefanie!


alicia - March 11

Id advise against the ept +/-...Iv had the worst luck with them things....Id get pencil line thin vertical lines, ones that didnt even for the control line, etc...A total waste of money... I'd just stick with the basic one line two line, etc....But good luck try not to test again til the 15th and still use a sensitive one and see what it says then. :-)


rubyred - March 11

what would the most sensitive hpt be? i heard first response sucks. last time i was pregnant (i miscarried dec. 20th) i knew i was pregnant before i got a +hpt, i used accu-clear and got a faint positive. when i went to dr. his urine test gave a neg. after getting 2 more positive accu-clear tests, i went in for blood test and it was also positive. so for me, accu-clear was even more accurate than dr. test. unfortunately, i have still been getting -HPT after 47 days since last AF :(


best - March 11

I am exactly in your situation my AF is due on march the 14th and did the test and it was is better to wait until your period is due and even a week after, we are soo anxious but time will tell..did you have any symptoms?



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