Too Far Along To Show Up On HPT

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anxious - May 26

can you be too far along into a pregnancy for the HCG to show up in the home test???


to anxious - May 26

if you are pregnant, it will show up on a home test. Does not matter how far along you are. :)


jane - May 26

this might be a question you want to ask our dr. I have heard that from implantation your hcg levels go up and up until at a certain point they peak and then begin to decrease again, as your placenta takes over production of the hormones...but I am not 100% sure of all the details.


No not true!!! - May 26

Its called hook effect. You need to see the doctor. I know serval women who could get a postive test. Later found out they were 4 or 5 months along. Good Luck!!


maria - May 26

in early december i took a test just to compare to a friends test because she got a faint clear line and wouldnt believe me thats normal so we knew i wasnt pregnant and i did one to show her but it came up positive as did another the following day, then every one after that negative and i even started spotting which would sometimes last a few weeks but be light. I gave up thinking i could be pregnant when the tests were negative and spotting even though i was tired, would get sore b___sts, felt sick, got heartburn, i put it down to iffy tummy. But last few weeks i can feel something moving, i thought it might be gas but it seems to be getting stronger and doesnt feel so much like gas but i am still getting negative tests. A girl in the same street as me is pregnant, she was getting negative tests, no signs at all only that her mum insisted she was pregnant and when the doctor gave in and sent her for a u/s she was 30 weeks gone. I keep telling her maybe i am having her symptoms but she keeps laughing and saying yeah right see you in the delivery ward. I haven't been to a doctor because i would feel silly telling him i think i feel something moving just for him to tell me its gas and send me home because if he tests i know it will be negative. I really dont know if i am, i want to be and think thats making me worse but i have a child and know what it feels like and i know this isnt just gas it feels like flutters and now tiny kicks inside, guess i will wait and see if i get big kicks or if a baby pops out in 3 months.


celia - May 26

I could not get a positive with any hpt.. kept going to my dr and he finally did a u/s and i was 8 weeks along. We joked about me not being able to "pa__s" a test one day and decided to take another to see if it would show +, i was 6 months pregnant and showing already so there was no doubt i was... well the hpt said yes you can get a negative that far along and still be pg.


Yes!! - May 29

Some women don't get postive test. I would ask for a u/s if you are over 10 weeks. Good Luck


to maria - May 30

You need to see a doctor. If you are pregnant, its not going away. Please see a doctor asap!!!


dee - May 31

I know what you mean. All my tests are negative.I have missed two periods. Get af cramps and think I am getting it.have lotion like cm.Sore nipples, tired.Cannot brsuh my teeth -feel like iam going to gag. Doctor doesnt think i am pregnant but told me to retest in two weeks which is this thursday. I hope I get a positive. A lady at work didnt show up till she was 4 months pregnant on hpt and blood test. Fingers crossed for both of us.



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