Too Many Sit Ups Pain Anyone

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babynewbie - February 5

all day i felt like i've done too many sit up even though i haven't done any? like my stomach muscles are sore and tuggy feeling? also a few times like i have butterflies?? weird...i'm 9dpo today and had af like cramping at 6dpo...other than that i feel fine ..oh and it feels like my armpits are swollen? these are so weird not sure if their symptoms...anyone? thanks!


preggoplease - February 5

Hi babynewbie. I just got my BFP at the end of Jan. and I had those pains right before I got my positive!


babynewbie - February 5

OMG!!! thanks preggo and congrats...i've never felt this before in my life, last night i couldn't sleep on my stomach because it felt like i was lying on a small ball. today all days these weird pains! i'm thinking the cramps i felt at 6 dpo would maybe be implantation? i'm going to test this friday!!! THANKS and happy 9 mos.


preggoplease - February 5

It sounds very promising to me! So how many dpo are you now?? Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! and Thank you! =]


bsing123 - February 5

Hey! I had those pains last cycle. That is exactly the way I described it in my chart too (situp sore). However, it ended in a BFN... Good luck, though!! I think its a promising symptom.


bsing123 - February 5

do you have a chart?


KeiraYvette - February 5

babynewbie Ive also been having weird feelings like that, similar to b___terflies but a bit stronger... Im only a few dpo though so still bit of a wait for me... ive got no other symptoms... let us know when u do HPT


babynewbie - February 5

hi girls...well its subsided for now. the only thing i have now is a very hot flushed face and i've nearly killed my dh at least 4 times today, i don't know why but i find everything he's doing soooo irritating!!! i don't have a chart, we aren't "really" trying trying just stopped using birth control to see what would happen without the stress of temps, charts etc. until we needed it. so we'll see i might test friday, i have to go get some tests though. i am 9 dpo or so i think..we'll see i've very new at this! :) LOL


preggoplease - February 5

Hey I got my BFP on 10dpo. So you could test now if you REALLY wanted to. But I would wait...ok actually I wouldn't because I am an impatient =]!!! I'm so excited for you! As soon as you test tell us the results!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 5

The "too many situps" and "tugging feeling" posts are not infrequent. B___terflies would be from gas which is typical (along with diarrhea, constipation and heartburn). Sensitive nipples and swollen b___bs on sides are posts we see. Super emotional is typical. The flushed face comes with vascular changes as the body goes into blood-vessel-building mode. Look for more prominent veins on b___bs, and Chadwick's sign. Where is fatigue, however? Good luck!


tk07 - February 6

hi! i had those pains a few days before i got my positive too!!! i hope that is what it is for you! good luck!! i really only felt them a lot in the morning when i would go to stretch and it was only for a day and a half or so.


babynewbie - February 6

yes they are gone this morning. i couldn't sleep last night to save my life, i was sooooo hot no matter what i did! i had to go down to the family room in the bas____nt and its minus 11 outside. i was up until 2am and now i have to go to work like this...i feel like crying. my head is killing me! sorry to complain but i am so grouchy for some reason. anyway everything i felt yesterday is gone although i've only been awake for half an hour. i'll check back in later when i have a break today!!!


carla123 - February 6

hi babynewbie i feel like you. i get hot flushes and feel really hot. even though its been freezing here i have been hot certain times of the day. my face feels boiling now whilst writing this!! idid have quite alot of cramping type pains but now they seem to come and go also have tingley b___bs all the time!!! i am due for af 9th so lets watch this space.x



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