Too Much Clear Discharge What Is It

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Baby - November 14

I am well 4 days late now and I did not get my period. The only thing I feel is discharge. I keep running to the bathroom everytime because of this clear discharge. Its so annoying and confusing. The other problem is I feel exhausted and my eyes feel droopy, and i have alot of pain especially when i have intercourse or when urinating. Please give me an idea. In a week I will take a preg. test though to be more certain.


Audrey - November 14

Pain during intercourse or urinating could also point to a urinary tract infection. I suggest you have your doctor investigate just in case.


Wendy - November 14

I'm not due for my period until around the 18th and I have excessive clear discharge too! hhmmmm....?


Shalee - November 15

Is the clear discharge the texture of eggwhites? Usually this kind of discharge is a sign of ovulation. It is what the sperm need to travel in (its nonacid and friendly to sperm)to get to the egg. If you did have an infection, whether its bladder, urinary or yeast the discharge is usually more pasty and has bits (like cottage cheese) in it. So maybe you are O right now and are just having a long cycle, that happens sometimes.


Baby - November 15

Thanks ladies for answering. Shalee it is clear like mucous. I was due on the 10th of this month and still nothing. Audrey maybe i do have a uti i will check for both. Wendy I was due on the 10th of this month and still nothing but I will check soon. I keep urinating alot also.


Wendy - November 16

The discharge is milky unlike the egg white texture I had earlier. And when I awoke this morning my b___st seem a bit heavy and slighly sore. I do remember having constant discharge with my first pregnancy (7 yrs ago) however, I can't remember how soon it began. Annoying headache accompanied w/dizziness and sinus congestion have been lurking as well.


meg - November 16

If you think your pregnant and don't want to have child, STOP having s_x!!


Baby - November 17

Well ladies I went to the doctor and I dont have a uti nor am I pregnant. I had a urine test done and a blood test done, also a sonogram done all negative. The only thing they did find was a cyst in the right ovary. Which I always get so i'm use to that, but that never delayed my menstrual. Lets see if I get my menstraul by the ending of this month if not something is wrong with me I hope, I'm not getting menapause at such an early age. I do want a baby girl I have 3 Hansom boys. They still are young but I think they should all grow up together and just get it over with. People might think I am crazy but its just I am ready especially money wise. Money isn't a problem in my situation. Just raising them correctly might be a challenge. LOL Thank you for your input Ladies Soon after this month is over and no red I will check myself.


Baby - November 21

hi everyone


Baby - November 24



sillygirl - November 24

hi everyone well,i have had the clear discharge too and im worryed i mite be pregnant too im due my period any time now but i have been feeling sick most mornings for 2weeks now and soo exhausted too had s_x with my boyf late oct now thinking i mite be cos iam always in pain just before my period but nothing pls help im 19years old and a little worryed



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