Too Quick

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Anna - January 30

I really want to get pregnant and had unprotected s_x last night. Today I am feeling a little quesy, is it just my body reacting to my strong desire to be pregnant or could I be?? Have heard that some woman know straight away


jb - January 30

last night ? give me a break...


Ravan01 - January 30

I think this is probably an instance of nervousness or anxiety over what you want to happen.... In most instances that I have encountered of women who knew "straight away" it was usually a case of: 1-they were aware of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, usually through a previous pregnancy, 2- were thus more in tune with their bodies, 3-were aware of their cycle and when they were most likely to ovulate, and 4-didn't realize symptoms for about a week after..... Therefore your "qusieness" is probably just anicipation and hope.... wait until your next period is due (if you have a regular cycle) and if it doesn't show up on time take a test, or 3 weeks from the date of suspected conception (if your period isn't regular) and take a test.... As far as what to do in the mean time while you wait... that I can't advise you on because I'm in the waiting boat too, and not sure what to do.


W - January 30

Hey jb... not so harsh hey.....If you have nothing constructive to say.. don't say anything!!!!! Anna it is way to early but you never know.. and ignore these horrid people they have nothing better to say or do


B'Lana - January 30

Anna, I believe that only a woman herself can know things like that, however, if you really want to get pg, mind is a terrible thing- it can play bad tricks and then get you disappointed. If I would be you, I would treat myself like I am pg,eat well, baby my body and wait... just like most of us do. Also, don't forget folic acid and prenatal vitamines. There's a good article about diet on this website. Try to eat, sleep and be happy :) If nothing happened this time, -next month your body is going to be prepared better to try again! best regards and we'll keep our fingers crossed!



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