Too Soon For Symptoms

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Tish - November 7

My br___ts are so sore I can barely stand it, I feel so sick to my stomach too, i keep falling asleep at work. But if I am pregnant I'm only about 2-3 weeks. Is this too soon to be having symptoms? I don't know who to ask because I can't tell anyone I know or they would freak out. Please help me!!


Megan - November 7

Hi Tish-I had symptoms 2 weeks after conception. Hope this helps. Good luck!


Heather - November 7

No Tish I don't think it's too early for you to be having symptoms, if it is, you and I are both crazy! I think I concieved on the 23rd, IB on the 26-27...I think. Anyways no period for the whole month of October(due on the 22nd) and no AF yet for November! Around the 1st I went for a blood pregnancy test b/c 2 hpt came back negative, blood test came back negative too. I started feeling suddenly exhausted on the 1st, my b___bs have gotten so sore I cant't not wear a bra! I think I just tested to early because I don't know my cycle very well, but I do have 2 children and I do know when something is different about my body, and something definitely is, I had symptoms early with my other 2 too, so no your not crazy, when is AF due?


Lisa - November 8

Tish, anymore updates?


Tish - November 9

I took a HPT today but it was negative. I still think it is too soon though. I have a doctors appt. the 17th and I should start my cycle anyday now so I will know for sure soon. At first I kept hoping I wasn't b/c I'm only 19, but I'm bout to graduate w/ my a__soc. degree so I'm not too woriied plus, I've gotten myself really excited so if I'm not I'm gonna be let down. Impatiently waiting...


Lisa - November 9

Congrats on your a__sociates!!!! I hope everything works out for you. I know what it feels like to get your hopes up and then be let down.


kefliwe - November 9

hey guys hw u doing well i dnt know for me its a bit rticky am due on 13-15th well my cycles changes a lot but this month has been horrible for me i satrted having back pains on the 3rd and nipples been sore especially the day b4 yesterday and tdy hmm i cnt help it no stomach pains @ ol but back pains , increase in cm but since yesterday its getting better so im so confused i dnt know what to think anyone who can help me plz do so



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