Took Another Test And Finally BFP

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melissap - March 4

Took another test this afternoon and got a BFP. I am 21dpo and have been using Canada Dollarama test and getting BFN like yesterday am not even a hint of a line. used clear blue easy on Friday nite 19dpo but couldn't decide on evap or very faint BFP but now a BFP. I have been alittle tired and really crampy, thought I was getting af. Really bad headaches and just last nite really sensitive to smells (almost threw up with vinegar). Good luck to everyone eles testing this month. Here's to Nov&Dec babies!!!!


VenusdiMilo - March 4

Congratulations!! I knew you were...I've been stalking your chart :-) and I was just waiting for the confirmation. Have a H&H pregnancy!!


melissap - March 4

Thanks Venus it has been a stressful week with my BFN. Hope to see your's soon. I've been stalking your chart as well!!


HeavenisMine - March 4

I want to be one of those with a november baby, let's hope I get my bfp next week, probably not, with the way my luck has been, but I will congratulate others. It's a wonderful thing, so congratulations!!


waiting for #2 - March 4

Congratulations!! Enjoy your li'l bump :o)


staci - March 4



sunshine7610 - March 4

Hi Melissa, I didn't know you can get pregnancy tests at dollerama here in Canada. Do you know if all the dollerama's carry them? Do you mind if I stalk your chart? What is your ff name?


izechsmama - March 4

congrats melissa! i've been stalking your chart.. and i'm so happy for you! hopefully i'll be joining you in a few weeks... :)


melissap - March 4

Sunshine yes dollarama carries test they are Pro care. I was using them and got nothing not a hint of color or an evap notta-- I am going to pick up 2 more tommorow just to try for an experiment for others. Good luck and sure stalk my chart.I am setting up my preggo chart tommorow or the next day. Thanks again everyone and I hope to see all your BFP's soon!!!


sunshine7610 - March 4

Hey Melissa, let me know if you get a positive from the dollarama tests. I would like to know if they are good as well! Thanks


Cakoo4cocopuffs - March 5

Hey Melissa did you get a line on them at all? I got lines or my eyes were playing tricks on me. I had to SQUINT to see them. I am going to test with a FRER on Wednesday. Just wanted more of your opinion! CONGRATS!! I hope to be joining you!!


Megs - March 5

CONGRATS to you Melissa!!! I Knew I saw that line! :-) I wish you a happy a nd healthy nine months!!!!


MammaJL - March 5

YAY!!!! ~*Congratulations*~ Melissa!!! I hope u have a Happy & Healthy 9Mos... Kinda makes me wonder about the tests at Dollarama though, Let me know how your experiment turns out eh?


jenn_ns - March 5

CONGRATS Melissa!!! Thanks for adding your name to the March BFP list, too!! So...what's the consensus on the Dollarama HPT's? I haven't gotten any yet... I will when I find some, tho'. Let us know how your HPT experiment goes!!


Cakoo4cocopuffs - March 5

Hey Melissa did you post pics of ur tests? I would like to see them!


melissap - March 5

Ok I picked up 2 hpt from Dollarama today and held it for 3 hours and poas. At the end of the 10 minutes I got a very faint hold it up to the light BFP. I don't know maybe it was me. I will try again in the am with FMU. For $1.00 it is worth it to pick up a few they may work for others, and you really think you are preggo I would go FRER or Clear Blue easy just to make sure. GOod luck girls. Oh I did post my BFP's on Fertiliy Friend website home/missp.


MrsShelton217 - March 5

I knew it! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!



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