TOTALLY Here Is What Symptoms I Had

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Amanda - September 15

Well for the past week I have had an increase in boogers.....:) and have been sneezing constantly. I've never had this problem before. Also for the past week I go to the bathroom, no. 2, about 3 times a day. That's about it gals, good luck to everyone!!


Oh yeah..... - September 15

I used Fact Plus hpt 2 days before expected AF.....


Justine - September 15

Amanda - congratulations!! you must be so excited... it's always great to hear a success story and then to come back and post your symptoms as you know how important they are to us ttc. anyway once again congratulations and have a healthy and happy pg.


Jessica - September 15

Thanks for the info Amanda....Congrats on the BFP!!!!!


Cyndi - September 15

I have those same symptoms Amanda and I just found out I am about 4 weeks pregnant. Congrats!!!


Deb - September 15

Amanda I am so happy for you! Its always nice to see someone get a BFP! I consider all of you out here ttc my I am estatic when one of you received a BFP! I just ovulated and am praying it worked this month. Hopefully I will be getting some symptoms soon. Amanda - Are they the only symptoms you had?


tab - September 15

well, amanda and cydni,First congrats!!! I am having the same symptoms, I am now 10 to 11dpo. I just started sneezing, nose running, last night. As I remember, I had the same thing happen when I was preg with my first 2 kids, also last night, I got really hot and dizzy all of a sudden. So far I have just been very sleepy the past few days, and my uterus has started back cramping after it had calmed down a bit, feels like waves of cramps, nothing too bad except 2 nights ago, it got so bad, I felt the pain down my leg and in my lower back and my left leg got numb . Well, I have the weekend to find out, will be testing sunday with first response, if bfn, will a__sume af is coming. Keep ur fingers crossed!!!!


Amanda - September 15

I haven't had any other symptoms. I have been peeing a lot, but have just started drinking a lot of water, so I didn't count that one. Other than that, I just felt "wierd" I am so excited. Baby dust to everyone, good luck!



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