Traveling To CANCUN Should I Still Go If I Am PREGGO

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mommy fin - January 23

I have not got the yes your pregnant form my docter. But I hope he will say that soon. My HD and I are going to Cancun in April, so I would be 18 wks. Do you think that it is safe to go? I mean to fly there and what about the water and food? Any ideas . My HD and I have to already put the down payment, We have to pay for the total in two weeks.


jessicaspatherapist - January 23

i've been to cancun and i got really sick from eating lettuce. i mean BADDDDDDDDDD diarhea....however flying will be safe and just drink bottled water only and do not eat anything like lettuce or raw veggies that were washed with their water. i think you deserve a relaxing vacation while your pregnant!


mommy fin - January 23

Thanks for the advise.


sarahd - January 23

I was super careful in Cancun and still got sick. I personally wouldn't recommend Mexico travel if you're pregnant...


KWaits - January 23

I went to Cancun last April. I saw many pregnant women at my resort. But like Jessicaspatherapist said, do not drink the water. Bottled water only. We had the best time there. We went snorkeling and it was awesome! I hope you have a great time!


BrendaW - January 23

I dont know why your doc hasnt said you are preggo maybe he a__sumes because your HCg was so high, he may not realize you are waiting for him to say yes or no. When do you go see your doctor? You are DEFINITELY preggos with a quant_tative HCG of 800 somthing! you could always call your doctors office if you are not sure and ask them to interpret you HCG results to you.


Kelly11 - January 23

I agree with Sarahd...we were supposed to go on a Mexican cruise in two weeks...but I will be 24 weeks at that time and just didn't want to have to worry all of the time because i wouldn't enjoy myself anyway. But luckily we hadn't put any payment down on it so weren't out anything.......but we have taken the money we were supposed to use for that and will use it for a trip to our all-time favorite spot in Hawaii this fall...hopefully for our anniversary.


layni - January 23

When I went to Mexico on a cruise I "drank the water" after being warned not too, I was drunk and had just forgot... and I was sick in the hospital with a parasite infection for weeks!


krissy2006 - January 23

Ok, my husband is Mexican and qwe lived in Mexico for 6+ months. Even his family wjho is 100% mexican and lived their their whole lives will advise to not drink the water even if it is boiled and to not eat fruits or veggies that are not cooked because they are washed in the water. ALWAYS DRINK BOTTLED WATER!!! Even if it is a 5 star hotel DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO SICK THE FIRST 2 MONTHS IN MEXICO B/C THE WATER WASN'T BOILED WELL ENOUGH!!!!!


mommy fin - January 23

Thank you all for your advise. I have to go have one my Hcg test Thursday, So I hope my Docter will tell me the big YES after that. My HD really wants to go on our trip because his whole family is going. thanks again. I will make sure to stay away from the water and raw veg. and fruit if we do go.



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