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MandyD - February 23

Hey Trixie - its MandyD. Why would your dr say she would have been able to see something on the U/S if you are only about 6 weeks?? And then she said you can hear heartbeat at 8 weeks? That doesn't make sense to me.


Trixie - February 23

hi Mandy, when my doc told me tht the ultrasound was normal, i asked her if i was pregnant.. it shud b abt 6 would something b seen in an ultrasound. so she said yes Definitely.. coz u wud b just two weeks away from 8 weeks and u can hear heartbeat in 8 weeks. but u know wot.. my frnd just had a baby in dec.. and when she went for an us in the 12th week the doc told her tht there was only a 50% chance of being able to hear the heart beat.. so i am really confused too.


MandyD - February 23

Trix, I wouldn't even believe that for a second! I don't think they can see or hardly feel anything at 6 weeks. Besides, early on, the baby (in the uterus) is hidden behind the pubic bone, so you wouldn't be able to see it anyways. I do know that anywhere from 8-12 weeks is when you can hear the heartbeat. My sister had her U/S done at 12 weeks and heard the heartbeat...they wouldn't do it before then. What did your doc tell you to do?


trixie - February 23

she had asked me to have an abdominal n pelvic ultraound.and they had also done an internal scan. Now she has given me a referal for an OB_GYN. have to call her up tomm n get an appointment


MandyD - February 23

Was she just a regular MD?


trixie - February 23

yeah she is just a regular MD.. are u taking any prenatal vitamins or something... are u visiting an ob-gyn.. sorry the question mark key is not working.


MandyD - February 23

I'd definitely see an OBGYN, they are much more experienced in this field, and are much more familiar with it than a regular MD would be. Yes, I am taking prenatals....any woman who is TTC should take them to get her body ready for a baby. If you aren't taking them already, I reccommend getting some and taking them. Some places you can get them OTC, and they all do the same thing. I do go to an OBGYN also....that's where I went for my tests.


trixie - February 23

we just moved to this place so went to this doc coz a frnd told me tht u need to go to a GP first n they wud refer u to an now here i u have any abdominal pains


trixie - February 23

Mandy do u have any abdominal pains n menstrual cramps, back aches


MandyD - February 23

I do have some cramps every once in a while, but not bad ones.


ariel - February 23

I agree with MandyD, you should definately not believe that. With my first pregnancy, My doc did not really want to give me an ultra sound till I was at least 12 weeks pregnant. And he did not start to listen for the heartbeat until I was 8 weeks. I kept asking him why... and he a__sured me that it was because you can barely see anything this early.


trixie - February 23

thanx a ton ariel.. frankly i was kinda disapointed after the ultrasound report.this is my first time so am all the more anxious... baby dust to everyone.keep in touch***much love***


bump - February 27



MandyD - February 27

Hey Trix - anything new with you? How are you doing today? Did you have a good weekend? Keep us updated girl! Love & BabyDust!!


Trixie - February 28

hi gals.. weekend was ok.. me with my emotional scenes.. hubby was being very patient. had a wee bit of blood on the tissue(sorry TMI) but then nuthing else since then... no discharge either.. Mandy: was it really AF or false scare...sugarpie.., mulga.. wots up...


MandyD - February 28

Hey Trix - girl, I wish I knew the answer to that question!!! The bleeding comes &'s been off & on since Thurs. night. I don't know - could be AF, could just be freak bleeding....not sure!? Will you be testing again soon?


trixie - February 28

not till thursday.. anyway if i shud get myAF.. it wud b around tht time.. if not i am seeing the doc.. tht day. Mandy.. i just wanna know.. u do have darkened areolas rite



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