Trixie Update

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Trixie - April 1

hii girls, Mandy, Sugarpie, Tiffani...Amy..Mulga,LaRae.. how are u all? i was so depressed n not feeling too well so i wasnt posting messages.Finally i am here. I got AF yesterday finally after 2 months of waiting.. i know now.. tht i am not PG n also know when to Try.. Went in for the U/s and other tests.. but results are not clear yet.. the fact tht i got AF immediately after the test cud alter the results.. anyway.. I think i will give TTC a break for a while now.. Miss u girls.. Lotsa love nTonns of baby dust to u all... waiting to hear ur good news..Love Always


erica - April 1

Hi! Trixie. Everything will be okay. God does things for a reason. I was also depressed when af came 2 days ago. But I started thinking maybe I'm just not getting pg because I'm stressing over it. We need to relax and praye every night. And bd every other night. I was bd every night. That's going to change. Everything will be okay for all of us. Just watch. Baby dust to u all beutiful Chicas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trixie - April 1

i know , Erica.. i was so involved in TTC.. tht was forgetting to Enjoy...hehe thts gonna change now.. Love.. Trix


SugarPie - April 1

TrixieMixie: I've missed you lots and was wondering how you were doing!!! I'm glad that you're okies and have discovered some answers. Can't wait for our next chat!! Much love****


trixie - April 1

hii sugar pie.. my girl......... i have missed u too...wots up with u?/ wots new on ur front.. cant wait to chat either.. lotsa love


MandyD - April 2

Hey Trix! Good to hear from you again! At least you have some answers!! I got my answer as well this week - AF came for a visit on Tuesday night. So, I'm out of the game for now. Hopefully I'll have an easier time now that I know my cycle. Lots of BabyDust your way sweetie!! Love ya girl!!!


Trixie - April 3

Heyyyyyyyyyyy Mandy...i was wondering where u were..Read ur other post abt housewarming.. how was the party? AF came visiting this side also.. on Tue nite/wed early morning.was a lil heavy .. coz was away more than 2 months,,(sorry TMI).But even i am relieved now tht i knw tht alls not lost in babyland *smiles* think i'll wait a couple of months.. or may b not .. but one thing is for sure.. i am not gonna TTC consciously..hehehe.. am gonna try a get some pounds off.. was like vegetating on my couch with cramps n stuff... will have to dust the cobwebs off my running shoes.. will start the gym.. once AF leaves..Lotsa love.. cant wait to see u on book club


hey - May 3

heh just browsing anything and came across this. i post everywhere. weerdness.


Legend - May 3

oops. my name....... bye



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